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He's one of Qin Wentian's sworn brother. He's the heir of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan. They met for the first time at Celestial Palace Lake.


A youth clad in blue robes, about 18 years of age. The young man had a squarish face, with huge eyes


Cultivation Chapter
9th Arterial Circulation Realm 180
1st Yuanfu Realm 192
6th Yuanfu Realm 311
7th Yuanfu Realm 334
8th Yuanfu Realm 366
9th Yuanfu Realm 366
1st Heavenly Dipper Realm 398
2nd Heavenly Dipper Realm 440
4th Heavenly Dipper Realm 558
5th Heavenly Dipper Realm 575
Immortal Foundation 1706
World Overlord 1959


  • Thunder God's Slash (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)