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The Holy Maiden of the Southern Phoenix Clan, Nanfeng Yunxi (南凰云曦). She's a descendant of the Southern Phoenix Matriarch. Her personality is like an ice beauty, and her pride in herself is unparalleled. She was ranked 3rd in the Immortal Ascension Rankings.


She had a phoenix gown on, her aura was cool and elegant. With a perfectly exquisite figure, jade-like skin that was fair as snow, the expression on her face was like ten-thousand-year-old ice. She was so cold and beautiful that none dared to match her gaze. 


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Celestial Phenomenon 9th 898
Immortal Foundation 1st 1035
Immortal Foundation 2nd 1057
Immortal Foundation 3rd 1140
Immortal King Initial 1458
Immortal King Middle 1501
Immortal Emperor Middle 1675
World Overlord


Heavenly Deity 2004


She was the 3rd ranker of the Immortal Ascenscion Ranking in the City of Ancient Emperors. She met Qin Wentian there and joined the Qin Sect where they became good friends.

Later on she invites Qin Wentian to the Southern Phoenix Clan to assist her in becoming the Holy Successor and succeeds. During this process it is hinted that while she did potentially fall in love with Qin Wentian, she gave that up in order to inherit the power of the phoenix ancestor and pursue the position of the Matriarch in the future. Despite this she remains a close and loyal friend to Qin Wentian.


  • Phoenix Rip


  • 南凰云曦 Nanfeng Yunxi
  • Nanfeng translates directly into Southern Phoenix.
  • 云 Yun translates to cloud
  • 曦 Xi translates to sunlight


  • She initially established a fifth-tier emperor-grade immortal foundation. But after she entered the phoenix ancestral lands and stepped into the second level, her immortal foundation was refined into perfection. [1]
  • Chapter 1119
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