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A beautiful maiden so gorgeous as though she was a painting come to life, was sitting at a pavillion in the center of a lake, playing the zither. The melody of the zither was beautiful and so was her person. With this picturesque scenery, it would cause many to be so deeply immersed that they couldn't extract themselves from it.

Nanfeng Shengge had a pure spirit and heart, was graceful and intelligent, highly educated and well-rounded in all aspects. She gave off a sense of amicability. 


Nanfeng Shengge, her beauty is unreal. It's as though she doesn't belong to the mortal world. Nanfeng Shengge was also at the second-level. She was extremely powerful and one of the more popular ones within the group.


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Immortal Foundation 2nd 1039
Immortal Foundation 3rd 1141
Immortal King Initial 1458
Immortal Emperor Initial 1675
World Overlord 1951
Heavenly Deity 2000