A clad in a simple white robe and sat in an inconspicuous spot. His entire being seemed to fade in the background and in the beginning, no one had even noticed his existence. Evidently, not many people knew of him.


Ghost Saber Mu Yan wasn’t a disciple from a supreme major power in the Cloud Prefecture, but his existence was one where he couldn’t be ignored by the others. Mu Yan’s master was a true grandmaster in the art of using the saber with the name of Ghost. His power was exceedingly terrifying and was someone that even the great powers of the Cloud Prefecture feared. His master had a special characteristic - it was fine if the saber didn’t leave the sheathe but the moment it saw light, blood would definitely flow, be it his opponents, or from himself.

Hence, Mu Yan’s master had the name of the Saberlord of Death. The Saberlord only had a single disciple and it was none other than Ghost Saber Mu Yan. Mu Yan had fully inherited this special characteristic of his master. Either he didn’t draw his blade, or if he does, blood would definitely flow. Hence among the younger generations, Ghost Saber Mu Yan was an existence not many dared to antagonize. Because, if he drew his saber, there would be no point of return.


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