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After Lu Min died, I no longer have anything to concern myself with. In the future, I shall follow you wherever you go. If you are the light, I will be your shadow.
— Mu Feng to Qin Wentian

Mu Feng, the most infamous person on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, ranked #7. Rumors stated that he was one of the youngest cultivators ever to be ranked among the top thirty-six, and had an extremely high degree of attainment in the use of poison. His master was none other than the Poison Monarch, whom everyone feared, another monster on the Heavenly Dipper Ranking.


There were too many news reports and rumors regarding Mu Feng.

There were people saying that even though this man was proficient in the poison arts, there was no better friend one could make. His character was heroic and straightforward, and extremely upright, to the point that on those occasions when his master, the Poison Monarch, wanted him to kill people to practice his poison arts, he would refuse. If it weren't for the Poison Monarch being awed by his talent, he would have long died at the hands of his master. Everyone in Grand Xia knew that the Poison Monarch was an extremely ruthless man.


Mu Feng is first introduced as a cripple who is being pulled by Lumi to Ginkou Continent for the Heavenly Fate Ranking stage. He is originally from Spirit Continent where he had family including sister, father and mother.

He's here to participate in the ranking fight and kill Qin Wentian as he stated that he has a blood feud with Qin Wentian. The feud is about his sister being raped and killed as well his family being tortured and killed by impersonator who looked like Qin Wentian but had a cultivation level of 9th Yuan Palace.

Mu Feng and Qin Wentian both fight after their initial meeting and both are wounded by each other. Qin Wentian is poisoned and Mu Feng’s Internal organs are damaged. They both stop the fight and try to heal their injuries. Qin Wentian’s heart flame is able to clean out the poison in his system after which he uses Limit-Exhaustion Needle Art to help Mu Feng control his poison. After Mu Feng is put under lot of agony as the needle art is working. Mu Feng is healed by the art and he is able to walk on his own afterwards as he is shown leaving the site of fight on his own.

Later their conflict is resolved and the truth appeared on the matter of his family, it was Di Feng who disguised himself as Qin Wentian who had raped and killed his sister. After Qin Wentian exposed him, Mu Feng killed him and swore to follow Qin Wentian as repayment.

After receiving an inheritance from the Tomb of Grand Xia, he appeared in the Ye Country, where after attaining a victory on the battle stage, he once more begun to follow Qin Wentian.


  • Mandate of Poison
    • 1st Level Perfection
  • Mandate of Blood
    • 1st Level Perfection
  • Mandate of Wind
    • 1st Level Perfection


  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Blood Curse Imprint (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)


Cultivation Progress Lv. Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 9th 351
Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st 398
Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th 528
Celestial Phenomenon Realm 1019