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Had no transcendent powers that strongly emphasized on the importance of Divine Inscriptionists.


Transcendent Powers


  • Shadow Pavilion
    • Seek information
    • Assassination
    • Under Star River Association? ch. 293
    • The mission hall was part of the Shadow Pavilion and consisted of a total of nine levels.
    • The higher levels would only be accessible for those with a certain level of authority.
    • The killer ‘Heaven’s Destruction’, consisted of four people. It was rumoured that two among them were husband and wife while the other two were their disciples.
    • Silver Snake (Zhan Chen) was the same as him, an external killer for the Shadow Pavilion. The authority he held was also the same their ranks were both at Five-Star. peak of Yuanfu, and by rights, he didn’t have the qualifications to obtain such a ranking.