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She is the number one beauty of Chu Country. She is from the Mo Clan, and falls in love with Qin Wentian as the story progresses.

When powerful experts from the Pill Emperor Hall come to the Chu Country, she is recognized for her talent in alchemy and is taken as a disciple by the Pill Emperors daughter, Luo He.[1] Eventually, Luo He betrays her.[2]

She ended up becoming the disciple to the Medicine Sovereign of Medicine Sovereign Valley.[3]

She first had amnesia, And it's not until when she's attempted to the treat Ye Qingyun that she meets Qin Wentian, thats when her memories come flooding back and she runs into Qin Wentian arms.[4]


Qingcheng’s features seemed to be a combination of those from all types of peerless beauties, tinged with a hint of shyness. Mo Qingcheng’s beauty was of elegance and gentleness, filled with the vigor of youth, a face with features so beautiful that it could topple over empires. Her eyes were limpid like autumn water; so perfect that she seemed akin to a portrait of beauty. For females such as Mo Qingcheng, no matter who it was, as long as they’d seen her before, it would be extremely tough to forget her. 


Cultivation Progress Lv. Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 1st 29
Yuanfu Realm 2nd 192
Immortal Foundation 1st 1156
Immortal Foundation 3rd 1213
Immortal Emperor 1757
World Overlord 1930
Heavenly Deity 2001
Celestial Phenomenon

(Second Life)



Rank Chapter
4th Rank 341
5th Rank 523
6th Rank 1374

Astral Soul

  1. Immortal Fairy Astral Soul
  2. Nine-colored flame Astral Soul


  • Phoenix Gown (Attack/Defense)
    • A wedding gift from Luoshen Qianxue that has been made from the real feathers of a phoenix.
  • Kiss of the Demon God (Pendant/Weapon Spirit): a majestic and ancient true phoenix actually be summoned from the pendant. The reason for activation was actually because of the phoenix gown. Mo Qingcheng became the Spirit Lord of the Phoenix.[5]


  • Mo Qingcheng had a Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, by right, her talent regarding alchemy is off the charts, and her concoctions rarely fail.
  • Qingcheng means a women so gorgeous that she could topple kingdoms.
  • Her immortal foundation was a fourth-tier king-graded immortal foundation. 


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