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He's the head of the Medicine Sovereign Valley as well as Mo Qingcheng's master.


He was slovenly in dress and manner, his disheveled beard fluttering in the wind, yet he exuded a sense of immortality. He projected an extraordinary aura, and the experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley all respectfully stood behind him.  


The Medicine Sovereign Valley has always stood aloof from worldly affairs. Although the Medicine Sovereign never bothered about events happening in the external world, as someone at the very peak of medicine in the entire Royal Sacred Region there was no need to doubt the fact that his status was transcendent.

This undying old fart was rumored to have lived already for an unknown number of years. Occasionally there would be rumors circulated that he had died. The last time such a rumor had circulated was twenty-plus years ago. Rumors were spread that the Medicine Sovereign was already on the brink of death, but right now, it seemed that the rumors were completely bull. The Medicine Sovereign looked to be in excellent shape, as well as he ever was.

It was also rumored that the Medicine Sovereign’s pride was exceedingly high. There were many experts from ancient countries and large reclusive sects that begged for a meeting with him only to be turned away. The Human Emperor of Ye wanted to beg the Medicine Sovereign for help when he was on the verge of death, sending many treasures over, only to receive the help of the Holy Maiden in return. From this one could see how difficult it was for one to ask the Medicine Sovereign for his help.


Qin Wentian impart an immortal art to him. giving him a chance that he can re-establish his immortal-foundation.[1]


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 1st 594
Crippled 1020
  1. Chapter 1022