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This female was middle-aged and her robes were luxurious, as though threaded from the power of space. Her entire body shone with a terrifying light and the imposing majesticness in her eyes was terrifying to the extreme. When she gazed over, it was like the edge of a sword slicing through space.


Given Matriarch Ji’s status in the immortal realms, she has always done things her way. Her personality is extremely eccentric, and she doesn’t give face no matter who the other party is. If she didn’t personally favor her, she definitely wouldn’t have accepted Qing`er as a disciple simply because she was the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor.

It’s said that Matriarch Ji is extremely proficient with spatial energy, and possessed such strength that many immortal emperors held her in reverence. The disciples she accepted were all gifted in the same attributes as well.


Everyone was bound together in spirit and were as close as sisters the moment they entered Matriarch Ji's sect. This was something Matriarch Ji had told them when she accepted them as her disciples. Matriarch Ji had no desire to see her disciples fighting against each other one day. If that happened, she would truly have failed at being a teacher.

Every supreme expert would have their own ideology when it came to accepting disciples. There were some who delighted in the conflict between their disciples, while others wanted their disciples to support each other.Matriarch Ji belonged to the latter category as the number of experts cultivating spatial energy was already so limited. And for those with spatial talent, and who were also female, such individuals were further limited in number. Women would find cultivation tougher than men. They were usually trapped by matters of the hearts, and the path of cultivation was a lonely one. She had hoped that her disciples would be able to support each other.


  • Immortal Slaying Diagram : he radiated a perpetual spatial light that was capable of annihilating all before it.


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