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A very weak-looking middle-aged man. Countless wrinkles marred his face and he had a head full of white hair. Even his eyes had no spirit in them. He was clearly middle-aged yet he appeared to be like an old man with a foot in the grave, with no hint of vitality at all. He seemed mediocre in every way. One could even say that he appeared to be like an ordinary mortal that has no cultivation.


He was once an extremely famous heavenly deity named the Skyorder Heavenly Deity whose fame shook the world. He was once the successor of the Luoshen Clan but after that battle, all that was supposed to be his, turned into nothingness. 

Once, as the Skyorder Heavenly Deity of the Luoshen Clan, he went to the Qin Clan to seek justice for Luoshen Qianxue and Qin Yuanfeng. He challenged Qin Zheng and at that time, Qin Zheng's son Qin Dangtian had just recently broken through to the heavenly deity realm. 

Qin Dangtian took the place of his father and accepted Luoshen Yu challenge. Qin Dangtian defeated him and crippled his cultivation base and from then on, his fame rocked the world and everyone started calling him heaven's son of the Heaven Region. Everyone praised his talent and said that he was a future godking in the making. The heaven's son, Qin Dangtian, trampled on Luoshen Yu and rose to fame in the eight regions!


Cutivation Realm Ch. Notes
Heavenly Deity Former
Crippled Crippled by Qin Dangtian
Heavenly Deity 2042 Recovered