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A woman of peerless beauty. This woman was enveloped in layers of incomparably resplendent faint halos. Although she was dressed casually, her dressing style couldn’t mask the unmatched magnificence of a generation.


A beautiful middle-aged woman. Her features were elegant and beautiful, if she was slightly younger, her beauty would definitely be of the empire-toppling grade.


As the second miss of the Luoshen Clan, in addition to her supreme talent, her life was wonderful. However, all of this changed after she met Qin Yuanfeng. She was once like the moon in the sky, she could have everything she wanted. However, after being with him, she could only follow him to lead the life of a vagrant, roaming the entire world. So it was no wonder Qin Yuanfeng would feel so guilty, saying that he has let her down. However, she has no regrets. She did this because of true love.