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She was a beautiful young woman. Although she was very young, her cultivation base was already at the world overlord realm. Her aura was extremely outstanding and her beauty was truly supreme, capable of even shaming the moon and flowers. She exuded a sense of nobility and holiness that does not allow anyone to profane her.


Luoshen Lei is the cousin of Qin Wentian and the current daughter of the Luoshen Clan's Master Luoshen Yu. Luoshen Lei is younger than Qin Wentian by several years and they have meet for the first time during the Convention of the Myriad Realms.

Combat Prowess

Bloodline Abilities

Rearing Divinity : This was one of the terrifying abilities of the Luoshen Clan bloodline. They were able to nurture and rear demons using their blood. Every saint beast within was able to fight for the user. Also, each of them had their own respective demon-attribute heavenheart mandates. This meant that the user was able to use many types of heavenheart mandates! It was extremely terrifying.

It was rumored that when this ability of the Luoshen Clan reached the peak, it was able to summon demon gods to the world. The myriad of demons would act as their protectors and each of those demons would be terrifyingly strong. However, the degree of talent one had in this ability was different for everyone. To cultivate this, one needed a supremely powerful comprehension. As to what rearing divinity means, it meant trying to rear and nurture a demon god. The strengths and weaknesses of the demons summoned would depend on the summoner's cultivation talent.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
World Overlord 1769
Heavenly Deity 1976


  • Forbidden Art: Blood Sacrifice - transferring all the energy generated from her cultivation into blood essence to pass on to another person.


  • The Lei(泪) in Luoshen Lei's name, means tears.