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The Luoshen Clan is known as the god of all demons, all demons would submit themselves to them. The Luoshen Clan also has a very powerful and unique bloodline ability, they are able to nurture and rear divine creatures.


Bloodline Abilities

This bloodline has extraordinary attributes. If you can awaken the divinity rearing talent, you would be able to perceive the power of countless demonic beast constellations and summon the myriad of demons. 

  • Rearing Divinity : This was one of the terrifying abilities of the Luoshen Clan bloodline. They were able to nurture and rear demons using their blood. Every saint beast within was able to fight for the user. Also, each of them had their own respective demon-attribute heavenheart mandates. This meant that the user was able to use many types of heavenheart mandates! It was extremely terrifying. It was rumored that when this ability of the Luoshen Clan reached the peak, it was able to summon demon gods to the world. The myriad of demons would act as their protectors and each of those demons would be terrifyingly strong. However, the degree of talent one had in this ability was different for everyone. To cultivate this, one needed a supremely powerful comprehension. As to what rearing divinity means, it meant trying to rear and nurture a demon god. The strengths and weaknesses of the demons summoned would depend on the summoner's cultivation talent.


  • Kiss of the Demon God : There's a spirit body inside the 'Kiss of the Demon God,' it is a treasure forged from the spirit body's blood. If there's a resonant treasure that came in contact with the 'Kiss of the Demon God,' it would be activated. For treasures forged using spirit bodies, only the Luoshen Clan has them. Owned by Mo Qingcheng (Former : Luoshen Lei)



Thousand Snow Palace

This place was very big, but was very quiet. The surroundings were extremely beautiful as well with many towering trees and pavilions. Fake mountains and lakes were everywhere, there was an air of tranquility in the atmosphere. This place was none other than the Thousand Snow Palace. Once, this was the location Luoshen Qianxue lived in. 

There would be maids cleaning this place everyday but they have never touched any objects or moved anything from their original locations before. Everything was the same as the day when she left. Maybe, he father hopes that she would be able to return here one day.