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Luo Qianqiu is from the Nine Mystical Palace. He joined the Emperor Star Academy and participated in the Jun Lin Banquet for his mission to step onto the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.


A genius sent by Heaven, Luo Qianqiu was also ranked one among the new batch of students when he first joined the academy. Not only that, he could effortlessly dominate even the 2nd year seniors. A year later, he joined the Asura Faction and assumed one of its leadership positions.

In addition to Luo Qianqiu’s inconceivably strong talent, the cultivation arts and innate techniques that he cultivated were extremely terrifying. Not only that, he hailed from an extraordinary background, and thus not many would be willing to offend him. Other than having great talent, he was exceedingly hard working in his cultivation. Almost everyday, he could be found tempering himself in the Dreamsky Forest, dueling all challengers until he died of injuries before starting the whole process again. Since he could already be this cruel to himself, treating himself so harshly and even dying several times in the process, his attitude towards his enemies was needless to say.


The one in the lead was a young cultivator about 16 to 17 years of age. Possessing a calm disposition and an otherworldly grace, he gave off a feeling of an insurmountable mountain. Just by merely standing there, one could almost feel radiance emanating out of him, so bright that it seemed as though everyone nearby merely served as a background, enhancing the contrast and bringing him out with a greater brilliance.


  • 洛千秋 Luo Qianqiu, 洛(luo)= its a surname. 千(qian) = Thousand. 秋 (qiu)= Autumn. Luo Qian Qiu - Luo Thousand Autumns.