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Luo Huan is a recurrent character of the story. Student of Mustang and the Emperor Star Academy she is one of the first friend of Qin Wentian. She first appear as a emissary of the academy sent to recruit Bai Autumn Snow.


The lady from before had hints of a charming smile present on her face and a fragrance about her that—in addition to her form-fitting clothes that further accentuated her well-endowed figure—made her as bewitching as a demoness. Her looks were on the same scale as that of the four great beauties in the Sky Harmony City, but she had one point that they lacked; she was incomparably seductive—capable of making any man feel a nefarious fire burning down in their loins.[1]


Cultivation Realm Level Chapter
Arterial Circulation Realm 9th 26
Yuanfu Realm 1st 194
Celestial Phenomenon 1084