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It is said that, not only was she an extremely formidable alchemist, her level of cultivation base was sufficient enough to look down on everyone in Chu, as her background and accomplishments were all extremely terrifying.


She met Mo Qingcheng back in Chu Country and take her as her disciple after she saved her life. Luo He and The Pill Emperor Hall once said that as long as Qin Wentian could defeat Zhan Chen in the Heavenly Fate Rankings, they wouldn’t interfere with the matters between him and Mo Qingcheng.[1]

However, Luo He broke her promise, and was even selecting marriage candidates for Mo Qingcheng.[2] Because Mo Qingcheng didn't agree to her ridiculous choices, she chose to sacrifice her to feed the Evil Skeleton.[3]

If not for Qin Wentian who slaughtered his way into the Pill Emperor Hall, wielding the Demon Sword as he killed whoever blocked his path, Mo Qingcheng would have died.[4]

Luo He already knew that she had committed an irreparable mistake. Once, when she faced Qin Wentian, she had the attitude of a senior facing a junior and had never even once looked directly at him even after he became the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Ranking. However a few years later, when she heard Qin Wentian’s name again she realized to her shock that she, Luo He, already needed to look up to that young man of the junior generation.

A bit before Qin Wentian's marriage with Mo Qingcheng. He returned to the Pill Emperor Hall once more for the promised Judgment Day. He met Luo He and talk to her briefly, telling her that Mo Qingcheng is already a fifth-rank alchemist and that her status is enough to destroy ten Pill Emperor Hall. Because she saved Qingcheng's life in Chu. Qin Wentian chose not to kill her but instead order her to cripple and cultivation and live as a mortal to repent her crimes.

Nobody could understand Luo He’s current feelings. It was her who personally destroyed the most outstanding disciple the Pill Emperor Hall ever had. In the past, she originally had the chance to allow Mo Qingcheng to marry Qin Wentian. If she really had chosen that choice back then, she didn’t even dare to imagine how radiant the Pill Emperor Hall would be today. But sadly, everything was destroyed by her. Her pride and her conceit had destroyed all of this. She was the sinner of the Pill Emperor Hall. She committed atrocities, letting down her disciple, that young women whose beauty could stun Grand Xia. She had no more face to live, plus live as a cripple was more terryfing than death so she chose to commit suicide instead.

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