This woman wore a tight-fitting dress that accentuated her beautiful figure, invoking the flames of desire in the heart of others. Her skin was simply perfect, a tinge of red could be seen underneath the snow-like color. Her eyes were beautiful as well, with a hint of magnetism in them.


She was a friend Zai Xuan knew from his adventures in the outside words. This female was named Lu Ziyan, and had a pretty good relationship with Zai Xuan. Zai Xuan wanted to pursue her yet she didn’t accept or reject, content with maintaining their relationship as friends for now. As to why she didn’t agree, it was because in her perspective, Zai Xuan was merely ordinary and wasn’t too outstanding. As to why she didn’t reject, it was because Zai Qiu’s clan was after all the hegemon of an entire world.

Her clan also had an existence on the same level of the Sacred Emperor. Although these clans could be considered powerful in the outside worlds, there was still a slight difference in status when compared to the hegemon of a particle world. A hegemon of a world meant that they could easily obtain an almost unlimited amount of resources, garnering a huge fortune and was the king of the world they reside in. Lu Ziyan had even obtained many advantages from Zai Xuan. This was also the reason why she kept dangling Zai Xuan with bait, keeping herself just barely out of his reach.

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