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Little Rascal also known as Xiao Hundan. He started following Qin Wentian after he was injured back at the battle in Sky Harmony City. He's a royal heaven devouring beast who looks like an adorable white puppy. He is extremely lecherous and shameless.

Innate Ability

Metamorphosis : Little Rascal’s innate ability is Metamorphosis. However, it cannot increase its combat strength nor acquire the innate ability of other demonic beasts it transforms into. An example, although it could take the form of the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, it had no way to use the flames of purgatory to burn enemies


Cultivation Realm Level Chapter
Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st 441
Celestial Phenomenon Realm 9th 969
Immortal Foundation 1st 1009
Demon King Initial 1420
Demon King Middle 1428
Demon King Peak 1492
Demon Emperor Peak 1674
Empyrean 1748
World Overlord


Demon God 1934
Peak 2042
Godking Future


  • His first words was " Qin Wentian "[1]
  • 宝宝 Baobao (Little Rascal is referring to itself as ‘Treasure Treasure/Darling" or Lil Treasure).
  • Qin Wentian could communicate with Little Rascal with some form of telepathy. The two of them had a connection since a long time ago and could hear the thoughts of each other and sense where each other was. It was only that this connection would be weakened if the two of them were separated by a vast distance.[2]