Lincoln was none other than the Disciplinary Student Leader in charge of the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Academy. Currently, he and ten others belonging to the committee were strolling around the Royal Capital. However, his heart now was filled with worries.

He was naturally very clear about this period of turmoil within the Royal Capital. His action back then, crippling the cultivation of students from the Emperor Star Academy, was forced onto him by the upper echelons in the Royal Academy. In reality, he had not wanted to do so and was unwilling to be pulled into the storm. However, in the face of the orders he received, he had no way defy them.

Hence, at this moment, his heart was filled with worries. He was worried about the revenge the Emperor Star Academy would take. He had already planned to request a transfer from his superiors to see if it was possible for him to temporarily hide away from the erupting storms of conflict.

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