He was incomparably handsome and exuded a heroic aura, along with a transcendent demeanor.


Lin Xiao was someone who was honest and extremely direct. He also loves Mystical Maiden and woo her openly, hoping to get her heart.


His name was Lin Xiao, a supreme character from the Qiankun Sect and was groomed as the Qiankun Sect's future successor. With regards to the ultimate technique of the sect - the Universal Art, Lin Xiao was extremely proficient and his comprehensions have reached a stage where he could form a universe diagram to borrow the strength of the universe to forge a supreme law body, dominating the laws of the heavens and earth.

In the Heaven Region, Lin Xiao was also an extremely famous character like the Mystical Maiden. It was just that he is slightly inferior to Heaven's Son because Qin Dangtian has already broken through to become a heavenly deity.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
World Overlord 1836
Heavenly Deity 1902


  • Universal Art
  • Qiankun Formation Diagram  : Sword of Qiankun
  • Qiankun Formation Diagram  : Qiankun Reversal
  • Immeasurable Qiankun Law Body
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