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What if I told you that I was already acquainted with him when he was still in our particle world. Would you believe it? What if I told you that I was once captured by an immortal king but he stood unhesitating before me, willing to use his life to exchange for mine. Would you believe it? You ask me for the reason why, and I can tell you the answer now. Because...after I fell in love with him, my heart no longer has the space for any other man.
— Lin Xian`er to the handsome young man about her feelings for Qin Wentian


Named the Number one beauty under the heavens, Lin Xian`er is the top talent of the Celestial Maiden Sect. She specializes in Illusion attacks and took a liking to Qin Wentian, after he was the first to beat her test of talents.


That beautiful countenance of hers could be termed as flawless. However, the aura she projected to others was a sense of fragileness and gentleness, causing the hearts of people to bloom with a desire to protect her.

Lin Xian`er’s zither melody was so pure, clear and elegant, like the smooth flowing of water in a stream seeping in the hearts of people, stirring their very souls. There were totally no hints of intentional charm in her music, her eyes were as clear as still water, so clear as though one could see right into the curtains of her soul, seeing her strength and fragileness in the depths of her heart. Her heart was higher than the heavens, and the pride she had in her strength wasn’t any less than that of other Heaven Chosen.


Lin Xian`er is skilled in the arts of music, her zither melody is said to be able to steal souls away, mesmerizing the hearts of others, charming all of them over. Yet who would have thought that this melody didn’t have the slightest feel of decadency but is really so soulful and beautiful.

Some said that the immortal ladies of the Celestial Maiden sect were all demonesses who used their beauty to ensnare the souls of men while others said that although their reputation wasn’t good, each of the females in the sect guarded their bodies like precious jade. Although there were many rumors regarding them and the talented outstanding heroes around the world, no men had ever truly possessed them before in any sense.

And currently, Lin Xian`er’s beauty didn’t lose out in the slightest compared to the sect leader of the Celestial Maiden sect in her prime. Not only that, she even exceeded her, and earned the moniker of the world’s number one beauty. Right now, she was travelling around the Royal Sacred Region, one could only wonder at the number of storms that arose because of her.

Although she had a flawless countenance, she wasn’t a fickle and flirtatious woman. What she wanted was to find an outstanding man that could love her deeply, it was just the normal thinking of any woman.

Astral Soul

Lin Xian`er’s astral soul is an unusual plant-type astral soul. This type of fragrance can mesmerize or bewilder others. 


  • The word ‘Xian’ in Lin Xian`er stands for Celestial/Immortal