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The Lifire World Palace is one of the nine world palaces and is led by the Lifire Empyrean. The Lifire Palace was precisely located in the Lifire Main City. The Lifire World Palace as well as the Gengmetal World Palace and Kanwater World Palace are located in the same general region and are neighbors, they had the weakest foundations out of all the nine world palaces. 


As one of the places with the most authority in the Lifelong Realm, the Lifire Palace was like a heavenly castle whose peak reaches the sky. It was incomparably majestic and impossibly vast. Also, crimson lightning illuminated the area, causing the entire palace to exude a striking and imposing aura.

Before reaching the palace gate, the stairways here were almost a thousand feet in height. The motion of ascending via the stairs gave off the feeling of making a pilgrimage to pay respects to the divinity. Just the gate itself radiated a feeling of majesty. The guards around here were all immortal kings and above.


Palace Lord


Nine Monarchs


They are direct subordinates of the Lifire Empyrean.


Lifire Grand Formation

It was also rumored that there's a supremely grand formation under the palace named the Lifire Grand Formation. Its power was absolute, if there were any invaders, the palace lord could simply activate the formation and flames of heavenly fury would descend upon the attackers, engulfing the entire palace. However, no one in the palace has ever seen this before. After all, in the Lifelong Realm, how many people would really dare to invade one of the nine world palaces under the direct control of the nine empyrean.

After the Lifire Grand Formation was activated, there was only a single place that would be safe. That place was undoubtedly the inner area of the Lifire Palace. Many figures sped over madly, directly rushing into the palace. The heat grew more and more terrifying as red dragons manifested, shooting through the air with the speed of a lightning bolt. A moment later, the sky above the Lifire Palace turned crimson, it was like a world of lava, wanting to incinerate everything.

Lifire Jail

The Lifire Jail itself was a supreme treasure. It had a separate dimension within and the atmosphere inside it was sinister and gloomy. The space within was extremely vast and the atmosphere was gloomy, dark, wet and a little eerie. Each of these characters was locked up in a single cell and their cultivation bases were all very high, at the immortal emperor realm. Despite so, they were all prisoners on death row. Many people would be refined into death puppets or death warriors. Naturally, there would also be people willing to submit and work for the Empyrean. There would always be some exceptions.


The Lifire Palace itself also directly controlled some cultivation mines. In addition, the ones under their control were the most important ones, much higher grade compared to those under the nine monarchs control. If not, the Lifire Empyrean wouldn't have bothered to control them.


After the destruction of the Lifelong Realm, the Lifire World Palace dissapeared from history and was replaced by the Jialan World Palace.