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He looked about fifty-plus years of age and had a celestial air to him, with an extraordinary bearing.


He was a pragmatic individual. He enjoyed authority, status and loved to be worshiped by others. He was fond of the satisfaction of having such immense power. This man had a lofty status but was actually extremely scheming and could be considered someone exceptionally sinister. He is simply despicable to the extreme. Just because he is the Lifelong Realmlord, he did whatever he wanted, treating the world as his.

This entire realm was his, as long as he wanted a woman, he could directly take her for himself. The Lifelong Realmlord's weakness was lust. Hence, he was willing to use any sorts of despicable methods to achieve his aim. He even wants to snatch the women of his subordinates.


As the lord of a realm, the Lifelong Realmlord naturally possessed supreme authority in the Lifelong Realm. He was unrivalled here and was the target of reverence for countless people. In this strength-oriented world, the Lifelong Realmlord was like a god in the realm he controlled.

Combat Prowess

World Heart

The Lifelong Realmlord had the word 'Lifelong' in his title. His world heart, was the Lifelong world heart.

Lifelong World Heart : he could regenerate all his powers, rendering them almost indestructible through the constant regeneration.

Heavenheart Mandates

He has comprehended a total of two Heavenheart Mandates

  • Lifelong Heavenheart Mandate : The Lifelong Realmlord depended on this to manifest his world heart. He hoped that he would have a long life and would be able to be reborn even after his death. Not only does this heavenheart mandate have fearsome attacking prowess, it also had a shocking recovery rate. It was very similar to the source origins of wood, granting the Lifelong Realmlord huge amounts of vitality.
  • Rot Heavenheart Mandate : Every mote of that green sap contained the power of corrosion and the dark green sap would be able to regenerate itself almost infinitely.

Notes : By merging his Rot Heavenheart Mandate with his Lifelong World Heart, it was able to cause the corrosion energy to be unending, capable of constant regeneration until his opponent corroded completely. Back then, he depended on his Lifelong Heavenheart Mandate to manifest his world heart. He did this precisely because he wanted the regenerative supporting capabilities.