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Lifelong City was extremely vast. As the center of authority in the Lifelong Realm, the place where the Lifelong Realmlord was residing, one could very well imagine how prosperous the place is. There was no suspense that this city was the largest one in the entire Lifelong Realm. This place was the true core region of the Lifelong Realm. There was no way for ordinary immortal emperors to feel proud or arrogant at all in here.

Every hundred years, the Lifelong Realmlord would gather the nine world palace lords to Lifelong City. This was also the time the nine world palace lords handed over the collected tributes. For the nine world palace lords, the territories under them had to pay tributes every ten years. As for the Realmlord, he collected the tributes once every hundred years. Every hundred years, there would be a grand event organized. Not only for experts of the nine world palaces, some of the peak powers in the Lifelong Realm would gather here as well to enjoy the banquet.


This city was divided into four regions, each with nine prefectures, making it a total of thirty-six prefectures. The governor of each prefecture was the strongest out of all peak-stage immortal emperors. As long as they improved by another step more, they would have the ability to contend against the nine world palace lords for their positions.

The four overseers of the four regions were known as the grand governors. The nine prefecture governors per region had to report to them. Their cultivation bases are all extremely terrifying and were all at the empyrean-level. It was impossible for the Realmlord to be so free and manage everything. These four grand governors were the ones dividing the burden of command, providing help to the Lifelong Realmlord. After all, if the four grand governors weren't strong enough, how could they intimidate and control their subordinates?

  • Xiao Yu (Youngest Govenor/Northern Part City)

Challenging governors wasn't a fun thing to do. A governor's manor was after all, the representative of authority in a certain area. It was fine if you won, but if you lost the challenge, no one would say anything if the governor chose to slay you. After all, the challenger was the one who took the initiative, he naturally has to pay a price. If not, what happens if everyone started issuing challenges just because they had nothing better to do?