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This is my destiny. Tell him this, without him, I would have long entered the Yan Clan and become the woman of that monster. He was the light at the end of my tunnel. But in spite of everything he’s done to protect me, it appears that my destiny has already been fixed, with no hope of escape. But, I truly am grateful to him. Tell him not to return here. And tell him… to forget me. I’m not worth the risk of him taking revenge for me. Tell that braggart this, I’ve fallen in love with him.
— Leng Ning's to Fan Le

Leng Ning is the second daughter of the Leng Clan as well as a student from the White Deer Institute. She's the first character that Qin Wentian befriend in his travel to the Moon Continent.


A beautiful yound lady. She wore a jade green skirt. She’s got long slender legs and a busty chest to match. [1] She may look cold and unfeeling on the outside, however it belied an innocent heart. [2]


Her family and father are trying to force her in a marriage with Yan Tie of the Yan Clan. He is about 70 – 80 years old, and extremely old, more like a freak. He already have many wives and have the reputation to turture them to insanity. Initially, Leng Lin was the one chose to marry him but she managed to find someone else, a cultivator at the third level of Yuanfu, and is also a peak second-ranked Divine Inscriptionist. 

She fell in love with Qin Wentian through their months spend together. When Yan Tie’s disciple died so he went to the Leng Clan demanding for Leng Ning. The Leng Clan decided to give Leng Ning to him and made plans to capture Qin Wentian. Leng Ning wasn’t willing to be humiliated and thus, she chose to commit suicide in front of everyone. She felt ashamed to belong to such a disgusting family and could only lament her fate. She died with regrets and remorse. Qin Wentian was the only light who appeared in her life but that didn't last long before she died.

The Leng Clan would regret the decision they had made that day, and would ultimately face its destruction. This was the curse of a young lady, her final words spoken as her life faded away.