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This person had a sturdy and muscular frame, he was clad in purple robes and his eyes shone with spirit. Just a glance was sufficient to tell that this was an extraordinary character with immense strength.

This man was none other than a supreme heaven chosen from the Thundergod Hall, he was given the title of the Son of the Thundergod, and received an inheritance that was connected to the Might of Thunder. When he attacked, an explosive element was applied to all his techniques, terrifying to the extreme. Only a rare few at the same level as him could stand equally against him. His name was Lei Ba and was one of the pursuers of Chu Qingyi. Given his talent and strength, he was a worthy match to her.


He had already spent quite some time in the Sky Connecting Realm and even entered the Supreme Might Rankings. After Chu Qingyi tried to target Qin Wentian and his friends, he took her side and became their enemy.


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 7th 1132
Immortal Foundation 8th 1157


  • Ten Thousand Calamity Slaughter 
  • Thundergod Hammer


  • Lei Ba stands for Thunder Tyrant.