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Jun Mengchen is a member of the Heavenly Talisman Realm. He has a straight forward personality and similar to Qin Wentian hails from a particle world. In his particle world he's king and is revered by everyone. He has the rarely seen world-physique, enabling one's body to generate world energy. 


He was extremely young, looking just barely in his twenties and had very exquisite looks as well as a clean and neat appearance. The lines on Jun Mengchen’s face was extremely exquisite, it was totally impossible to imagine that baleful scene of him reigning supreme as all things in the world prostrated before him. That sight was truly stunning!


When he was quiet, he appeared to be like a delicate youth, neither inpatient nor proud; but when in battle, his arrogance towered into the heavens as though he was the king of all things, unmatched and invincible. Also, although he has a streak of arrogance in him, he was extremely respectful of Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan. One could see that his innate disposition was kind.


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Body Refinement 801
Arterial Circulation
Heavenly Dipper
Celestial Phenomenon 1st Stage
2nd Stage
3rd Stage
4th Stage 818
5th Stage 898
6th Stage
7th Stage 914
8th Stage 953
9th Stage 969
Immortal Foundation 1st Level 1035
2nd Level 1116
3rd Level
4th Level 1158
5th Level 1177
6th Level 1380
7th Level
8th Level
9th Level
Immortal King Initial Stage
Middle Stage 1493
Peak Stage 1680
Immortal Emperor Initial Stage
Middle Stage
Peak Stage 1748
World Overlord 1796
Heavenly Deity 1934
Godking 2042


A member of the Heavenly Talisman Realm encountered him while roaming the particle worlds. His talent is extraordinary for sure and his disposition is unparalleled. When he met him, his talent awed him and he couldn’t help but to issue an invitation to him. He is the King of a particle world.

When that young man soared into the skies, his entire particle world would lie prostrate in respect. If it wasn’t him who saw that personally, it was impossible to imagine that that exquisite young man would have such prestige.

World Spirit Body

He have mastery over the dao of the world because his true form is actually the spirit body of the world, born from the good fortune of the heavens and earth. The world spirit body was born to control the world. 


  • Clear Sky Worldly Diagram (Innate Ability)
  • Chaotic World King Punch
  • Myriad World Emperor Art

World Heart

  • Apocalyptic World Heart : This entire world belonged to Jun Mengchen, furious gales and crackling thunder could be seen, ice and fire also co-existed together. With just a single thought, Jun Mengchen could cause the atmosphere of the world to change. Boundless energy from within that world started to gather as a terrifying storm appeared. A moment later, all the gathered energy attacked in a direction, brimming with apocalyptic might, it was terrifying to the extreme. In the next instant, everything disappeared, transforming into nothingness. Created by Jun Mengchen.


  • His immortal foundation is a saint grade.[1]
  • Chapter 1119
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