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Today I feel extremely honored that, the Snowcloud Country, in collaboration with our great Chu, is hosting this Jun Lin Banquet together. I believe that this year’s event, hosted in my Chu Country, is one of unprecedented grandness. Now, elites at the 5th level of Arterial Circulation and above, you all may proceed up the nine towering platforms and register for the competition.
Chu Tianjiao's speech introduction

The Jun Lin Banquet is hold every year in Chu Country. It's a martial competition that the sovereign king would personally attend. Jun Lin Banquet was an event , as well as inviting all the dukes and feudal lords, and influential bigwig officers. It was only that the nine towering platforms were no longer used to appoint generals or to muster troops. But instead, they became the arenas where the geniuses of Chu would showcase their brilliant talents.

The lowest qualification to participate in the Jun Lin Banquet was for one to have a cultivation base at the 5th layer of Arterial Circulation. If a cultivation had a lower cultivation base, there would be no need for any battle at all. The current Jun Lin Banquet have been organized in collaboration with the Snowcloud Country.

Round 1

There are nine towering platforms; you all can choose which platform you want to register for. After that, each platform will begin a series of elimination battles. Your opponents will be randomly chosen by the judges, and the battles will last till only two people remain. Thus, with nine platforms, a total of 18 people will be able to advance in the end. These 18 that pass the elimination battle will enter the next round of the competition. The top nine rankings in the Jun Lin Banquet will be determined this time round.
— Rules of the Nine Towering Plateforms


Notable Participants Qualified
Plateform 1
Plateform 2
Plateform 3
Plateform 4
Plateform 5
Plateform 6
Plateform 7
Plateform 8
Plateform 9

Notes : As long as the words “I concede” weren’t uttered, one could be merciless and kill their opponent right there in Jun Lin. This wasn’t any uncommon or strange sight. It didn’t matter which academy or which power’s outstanding youth it was, if they died in battle because they refused to admit defeat, the opponent couldn’t be blamed.

Pl. Participant 1 Participant 2 Winner Method Notes
01 Luo Qianqiu Hiryu Luo Qianqiu Defeated One Move!
02 2nd Sword Bai Ming 2nd Sword Defeated
03 3rd Night Wang Xiao 3rd Night Defeated
09 Jiang Xiu Qin Wentian Qin Wentian Defeated Arm chopped!
09 Qin Wentian Luo Kaiyang Qin Wentian Defeated
08 6th Night Yu Fei 6th Night Defeated
08 Ye Zhi Luo Huan Luo Huan Defeated
09 Qin Wentian 7th Night Qin Wentian Defeated Battle Royal
09 Qin Wentian Luo Cheng Qin Wentian Defeated 7th Night Sneak Attack
06 Gu Xing 5th Night Gu Xing Defeated

Round 1 : [Result] List of Qualified (18)

Emperor Star Academy Godly General Military Palace Royal Academy Divine Wind Academy Snowcloud Country Mystic Moon Sect
Luo Qianqiu Hou Tie Shi Jun Jiang Feng Sikong Mingyue Gu Xing
Orchon Leng Ya Chu Chen Kuang Shen 2nd Sword
Qin Wentian 3rd Sword
Luo Huan 3rd Night
4th Night
6th Night
7th Night

Round 2

On the nine platforms, each of the contestant may choose to clash against any of the other 17. Those who lose in the first clash will become a ‘challenger’ and will be given a chance to challenge the victors. If the challenger loses again, he or she will be eliminated. But if the challenger wins, his opponent will be eliminated. Remember, for those who lose in the first battle, they will only be given a single chance to challenge others. If they win, they will remain on the platform but can only passively accept the challenges of others. Those that lose for a second time will be eliminated from this second round of the Jun Lin Banquet. You can freely choose your opponents, but one last thing: if you win the first battle, you cannot seek out the same person you fought before for your second battle. These are the rules for the second round, and the remaining nine contestants after this will advance to the third and final round of the Jun Lin Banquet.
— Rules of the second round
Bt Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Method Winner
01 6th Night Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
02 Qin Wentian 7th Night Defeated Qin Wentian
03 Luo Huan 4th Night Defeated Luo Huan
04 3rd Night Kuang Shen Defeated 3rd Night
05 2nd Sword Shi Jun Defeated 2nd Sword
06 3rd Sword Gu Xing Head Smashed

to pulp

Gu Xing
07 Shi Jun Chu Chen Defeated Chu Chen
08 Kuang Shen Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
09 Sikong Mingyue Luo Huan Defeated Sikong Mingyue
10 Qin Wentian 3rd Night Killed Qin Wentian
11 Sikong Mingyue Gu Xing Surrender Sikong Mingyue
12 Luo Huan Jiang Feng Defeated Luo Huan
13 Gu Xing Leng Ya Defeated Gu Xing

Round 2 : [Result] : List of Qualified (9)

Qualified Affiliation(s)
Luo Qianqiu Emperor Star Academy
Orchon Ou Clan, Emperor Star Academy
Chu Chen Chu Clan, Royal Academy
Sikong Mingyue Snowcloud Country
Qin Wentian Emperor Star Academy
Hou Tie Godly General Military Palace
2nd Sword Snowcloud Country
Luo Huan Emperor Star Academy
Gu Xing Mystic Moon Sect

Round 3

The 3rd round of the Jun Lin Banquet would be a group battle. The nine contestants would be divided into three groups, and the contestants in each group would then battle with each other to determine who would be the first, second and third. After which, those that obtained the first position of each group would proceed to the strongest stage, and fight for the top three positions. For those that attained the 2nd position of each group, they would proceed and fight for the 4th to 6th positions. And for those that obtained the last position of each group, they would then fight for the 7th to 9th positions. Other than that, the one ranked 7th will have a single chance to challenge those in the 4th to 6th rank. The one ranked 4th will similarly have a chance to challenge those in the top three rankings.
— Rules for the thrid and final round

Group Draw

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Luo Qianqiu Sikong Mingyue Orchon
2nd Sword Qin Wentian Gu Xing
Luo Huan Chu Chen Hou Tie


Group Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Method Winner
Group 1 Luo Qianqiu 2nd Sword Defeated Luo Qianqiu
Group 1 2nd Sword Luo Huan Defeated 2nd Sword
Group 3 Orchon Hou Tie Defeated Orchon
Group 3 Hou Tie Gu Xing Defeated Hou Tie
Group 2 Sikong Mingyue Chu Chen Surrender Sikong Mingyue

[Result] : Initial Group's final ranking

Ranking Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Luo Qianqiu Sikong Mingyue Orchon
2nd 2nd Sword Chu Chen Hou Tie
3rd Luo Huan Qin Wentian Gu Xing

Final Group

Group 1

1st - 3rd

Group 2

4th - 6th

Group 3

7th - 9th

Luo Qianqiu 2nd Sword Luo Huan
Sikong Mingyue Chu Chen Qin Wentian
Orchon Hou Tie Gu Xing

Battles for Overall Ranking

Bt. Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Method Winner
01 Luo Huan Qin Wentian Surrender Qin Wentian
02 Gu Xing Qin Wentian Surrender Qin Wentian
03 Luo Huan Gu Xing Surrender Luo Huan
04 2nd Sword Hou Tie Defeated Hou Tie
05 Orchon Sikong Mingyue Defeated Sikong Mingyue
06 2nd Sword Chu Chen Defeated Chu Chen
07 Orchon Luo Qianqiu Defeated Luo Qianqiu
08 Chu Chen Hou Tie Defeated Chu Chen
09 Orchon Chu Chen Defeated Chu Chen
10 Qin Wentian 2nd Sword Killed Qin Wentian
11 Qin Wentian Hou Tie Surrender Qin Wentian
12 Qin Wentian Orchon Defeated Qin Wentian
13 Qin Wentian Chu Chen Defeated Qin Wentian
14 Luo Qianqiu Sikong Mingyue Defeated Luo Qianqiu
15 Sikong Mingyue Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
16 Luo Qianqiu Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian

Overall Final Ranking

1st Qin Wentian
2nd Luo Qianqiu
3rd Sikong Mingyue
4th Chu Chen
5th Orchon
6th Hou Tie
7th Luo Huan
8th Gu Xing