This serving girl was named Jin Zhi, from the idiom 'golden branch, jade leaves' which denoted a peerless beauty. She was indeed beautiful but originally, she didn't have an impressive background. However, by using some methods and depending on her beauty, she got acquainted with the Dragon Pool Manor which was the power behind the Heaven Immortal Tower. Right now, her status was the girlfriend of one of the younger and extremely talented world overlords of the Dragon Pool Manor. This was the reason why she, who only had an ordinary background, could work in a place like this and earn high wages for the sake of her own cultivation.

Naturally, although it was said that she was the world overlord's girlfriend, in reality she also understood that that world overlord was treating her so nicely because right now, he was still infatuated with her. As for her joining the Dragon Pool Manor, that was only a fantasy. For those females who can marry into the Dragon Pool Manor, they had to be from extraordinary backgrounds. For her, she could at most only become a concubine. But even so, she was still considered the girlfriend of a genius world overlord from the Dragon Pool Manor. Even Old Huo from the management of the Heaven Immortal Tower had to give that world overlord some face. 


She was the cause of the incident back in the Heaven Immortal Tower, she injured Mo Qingcheng by berating her provoking Qin Wentian's anger. Since she refused to apologize, Qin Wentian used his little trick to slap her face. After that she started insulted Mo Qingcheng so Qin Wentian captured her and dragged her outside.

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