This country was named the Jiangling Country and had eighty-one cities within it.


  • Worryfree City : could be considered located at a very remote area of the Jiangling Country.
  • Driftsnow City : one of the three largest main cities of the Cloud Prefecture and belonged to the core of the prefecture. Naturally, experts there were as common as the clouds.

Jiangling King's Manor

  • Pei Tianyuan : King of the Jiangling Country

Pei Yu ch. 766

Pei Xiao ch. 767

  • crown prince of the Jiangling King Manor


War Immortal Palace

  • It should be considered quite a large power in the Jiangling Country.Purple Flame Sect

Purple Flame Sect

  • a major power in the Jiangling Country.
  • The Flame Sect was proficient in fire, as well as weapon forging. Their disciples all had very high attainments in this field.
  • young man ch. 766
  • young woman ch. 766
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