A young man clad in special armor-like, his tone containing an unexcelled loftiness. He exuded an aura that everyone sensed was extraordinary and powerful, and his deep eyes gave the impression that he was someone without comparison. He was handsome and extraordinary; he didn't seem to be someone who cultivated the buddhist path.


He was from an ancient great clan of the immortal realms, a descendant of the Ancient Jiang Clan, and a peak-level genius among the younger generations.Even more rare was that this young man from the Jiang Clan was none other than Jiang Ziyu. He was extremely famous among the younger generations of the Jiang Clan. Many years ago, he was also the top ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings. His cultivation was now at the second level of immortal foundation, and he was endowed with overwhelming combat prowess.


Cultivation Progress Chapters
Immortal - 2nd Stage 1040
Immortal King - Initial Stage 1408
Immortal Emperor - Initial Stage 1681


  • Heavenly Vision Technique
  • Divine Hearing Technique


  • He have an emperor-grade immortal foundation
  • He was years ago the top ranker immortal ascension rankings
  • He came help Nanfeng Qingruo in the holy maiden competition.
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