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This person was an absolute legend, an extremely powerful character. Sword Monarch of the Mystic Region, the number one sword under the heavens.


He very ordinary and was clad in simple clothing and he had a sword strapped to his back. With every step he took, the waves underneath him would stop churning, becoming impossibly calm like they entered a state of stillness. This person gave him an unfathomable and immeasurable feeling. However, his appearance was too ordinary, so ordinary to the extent where not many people noticed his existence.


Back then when Sword Monarch had attended the Convention of the Myriad Realms, he wasn't famous then but his performance was extremely dazzling. In the convention that year, Jian Junlai managed to comprehend the true meaning of the Time Monument Inscription. From then on, his sword skills improved at a tremendous pace until he was known as the Sword Monarch, the number one sword under the heavens in the Mystic Region. But as to what he had comprehended, none is very sure.

He was noticed by everyone and he even had a conflict with a genius from the superstrong Heaven Hiding Mansion. Jian Junlai went there alone with a sword in his hands and razed the entire Heaven Hiding Mansion to flat ground. This caused a tsunami-level of commotion back then and the three hegemonic powers also noticed him because the Heaven Hiding Mansion was a vassal force to one of the three hegemonic powers: the Heavenly Deity Mountain.

He defeated that heavenly deity that was sent out by the Heavenly Deity Mountain and that particular hegemonic power decided to compromise and not pursue Jian Junlai any longer. From then on, the title Sword Monarch rang out famously in the Mystic Region but it was said that the Sword Monarch also made a compromise. From then on, he seemed to have disappeared. Only very few people were able to see him.