The Jialan Clan actually had enough wealth to contend against the Lifire Empyrean. In fact, even the empyrean himself might not be as wealthy as them. The Jialan Clan owns countless businesses in the boundlessly vast Lifire Main City, they were controlling the businesses in the dark. Not only so, other than the north, they also had influence in the other regions, gaining huge amounts of profit through many transaction grounds and shops which they controlled. This resulted in experts being as common as the clouds in the Jialan Clan, they also recruited a countless number of guest elders, building up their strength.

In the northern city region, the Jialan Clan could do anything they wanted and many people in the governor's manor were long bribed by them. Whoever dares to go against the Jialan Clan, they would surely have many methods to play you to death. Nobody would be able to investigate. Everything in the Lifire Palace would be done according to the rules. Although everyone knows deep in their hearts that the deaths of some governors were done by the Jialan Clan, even the Lifire Empyrean couldn't touch them if there was no proof. Also, given that the Jialan Clan were in control of many of the factions of power here, they could constantly hide in the shadows and wouldn't leave any clues. Sometimes, even if you found the true killer, all further connections would be severed at that stage. There was no way to link the investigation to the Jialan Clan.

Among the many large clans in the northern regions, the Jialan Clan was the publicly acknowledged number one clan, all of the other clans also had very deep relationships with them. There were many marriage alliances among the great aristocrat clans, further reinforcing their statuses. The Jialan Clan has been in the northern city regions for too many years and generations after generations, many females of the Jialan Clan were married into the various powers of the northern city regions. Since they were allied by marriage, the Jialan Clan would naturally also put in their best efforts to nurture those they were allied with, allowing everyone to grow stronger and stronger. It has already been so for multiple generations. One could very well imagine how wide the scope of the Jialan Clan's influence reached.

The Jialan Clan even has some supporters who are very close to the Lifelong Realmlord standing behind them. In fact, there was one who once fought against the Lifire Empyrean for the position of the Lifire Palace Lord. Hence, the Jialan Clan and the Lifire Empyrean have always set themselves against each other. This was considered an open secret. Using rules as a coverage, the Jialan Clan challenged the Lifire Palace countless times.

Lifelong City

The Jialan Clan can be considered a peak power of the Lifelong Realm and had even fought against the Lifire Empyrean for one of the nine world palace lord positions before. Their strength naturally wasn't limited only to Lifire City. If not, how could they contend against the Lifire Empyrean? Although the Jialan Clan appeared to have their roots in Lifire City, there was also another Jialan Clan in Lifelong City. The Jialan Clan there had developed for countless years and was already extremely powerful. Right now, the Jialan Clan in the Lifelong Realm was managed by Jialan Yunhai and his branch.



The Jialan Clan was in the central area in the northern city regions. Their location was even better than the northern governor's manor and the land size of their territory was at least ten times larger when compared. Looking from the outside, one could see many elegant pavilions and majestic halls. In fact, just even the Jialan Clan's entrance gate was already incomparably imposing. In the entire Lifire Main City, only a place could be comparable to the Jialan Clan - the Lifire Palace. Even when compared to the Lifire Palace, the Jialan Clan wasn't in anyway inferior!

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