This young man radiated boundless golden light and was like a tiny sun. His gaze was incomparably sharp, seemingly able to penetrate through everything. Just simply standing there, he gave off a feeling of invincibility, like he was the only one that matters in the world. The true form of this young man was a true, pure-blooded golden-winged great roc.

This golden-winged great roc was clearly from the royal faction of the Sky Roc Race, a greater demon race that ranked similar to the White Tiger Race. He was a pure-blooded golden-winged great roc, an innately born king. The moment a golden-winged roc was born, it was destined to be a king among the sky rocs with an incomparable lofty status. Their veins flowed with the pure blood of their ancestors. The ancestors of the Sky Roc Race was said to be able to tear the sky asunder with a slash of their wings. They were able to instantly travel around the world with a single flap, nothing could compare to them in speed, nor be able to block them.

This roc king before their eyes was named Jia Nantian. He awakened the bloodline of the golden-winged great roc, granting him a lofty status and unparalleled might. Jia Nantian had challenged many people in the Western Regions before. Unless his opponent was many levels higher than him in cultivation, he had never been defeated, not even once. 


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 8th 1128
Immortal Foundation 9th 1156
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