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She was the symbol of faith for Ancient Azure Mystic, a true goddess that was unexcelled in the world.


A maiden of such breathtaking beauty that she didn't seem to be from the mortal world. She have sensation of holy elegance and beauty.

She was so beautiful that it caused everyone to be breathless. This beautiful figure exuded a sense of peerless might like she was the ruler of an era.


In the records, it's said that Ancient Azure Mystic Immortal Realms was unified before. That truly, boundlessly vast Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, was ruled over by a god-like character. This god-like character was known as the Imperishable Heaven Lord.

The Imperishable Heaven Lord was the overlord of Ancient Azure Mystic. The world he unified was Ancient Azure Mystic, a true part of the thirty-three heavens in the universe. How high was his status? How powerful was the heaven lords of each immortal realms? If he wasn't powerful enough, how would the many powers in Ancient Azure Mystic be willing to follow his orders?

Also, the ancient records stated that it was very possible that the world-ending battle happened because of the Imperishable Heaven Lord. The description in the ancient records about that world-ending battle was this: "For the world-ending battle in Ancient Azure Mystic, Heavenly Deities came from the other worlds, standing high up in the sky, looking down with disdain as they trampled Azure Mystic. When the Heavenly Deities came, countless people here directly prostrated in worship, their might was simply unobstructable, their power could shake the heavens. With a wave of their hands, the sun and moon vanished, the great earth trembled and cracked, the water of the oceans reversed their flow, the lava and magma in volcanoes erupted. Everywhere they passed was marked by endless destruction. They summoned world-destroying lightning, blasting everything into dust. All immortal and devils cried, all immortal kings and emperors turned into bones."

At this moment, the Imperishable Heaven Lord descended from the sky. In his rage, he fought against all the heavenly deities alone, splitting the sky with a wave of his hand, causing the entire Ancient Azure Mystic to tremble with a single roar. The Imperishable Heaven Lord shifted the battlefield to the starry space but the heavenly deities all refused, directly engaging him in the airspace above the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. That battle was extremely devastating. Many heaven deities died but the Imperishable Heaven Lord was heavily injured. But even so, he still forced the heavenly deities to retreat. However, the multitude of lives on Azure Mystic had already been lost, there were countless deaths and casualties and what was even more terrifying is that there were even more heavenly deities with heavenly weapons here to reinforce their earlier brethren. With a command, the Imperishable Heaven Lord gathered the remaining generals and fought back. That battle could be said to be the dusk of gods. Blood flooded entire regions, the various experts of Ancient Azure Mystic died one after another, protecting their world. Upon seeing the utter destruction of his world, the Imperishable Heaven Lord's body transformed rivers and mountains as he invoked a taboo art, sacrificing his life to bury all the heaven deities. But by doing this, he similarly buried Azure Mystic.

This was the description of that world-ending battle that occurred in ancient times. Although the description wasn't long, it was truly shocking to the extreme. The ancestor of the Askheart Temple was one of the lucky few that had survived and had personally witnessed that battle, recording it down, sealing them in scrolls and jade slips, preserving them through the passage of countless years. In fact, these might be the only records of that world-ending battle left in Azure Mystic. The heavenly deities who came from the other worlds brought with them troops and divine weapons, participating in that world-ending battle. It was very possible they were from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Most probably, they were from those extremely terrifying superpowers with deep foundations. The Imperishable Heaven Lord fought against them, even driving them back once before burying all of them. It was simply impossible to fathom how powerful the Imperishable Heaven Lord was exactly.


Back then, the mastermind behind the world-destroying battle of Ancient Azure Mystic was none than the Godking of the Western World, the Buddha Sovereign. He was the one that destroyed Azure Mystic. She, as the Heaven Lord of Azure Mystic, had failed to protect her immortal realms, leading to it being destroyed. Countless deities on her side had fallen, there was no need to mention about ordinary cultivators. Those who died turned into specks of dust in history, an entire world was destroyed. How cruel was that? This debt of hatred, although countless years had passed, she would always remember it and had engraved it in her heart.

Once, she used a heaven-defying method to disperse her soul to bury Ancient Azure Mystic, sealing countless souls there, storing their vengeance away. She did all of this in hopes that there would come a day where the souls in Ancient Azure Mystic could be awakened and obtain revenge for the world-destroying battle. Beiming Youhuang was none other than the person who awakened her. She was chosen by the Grim Reaper and not only has she awakened her, she has also awakened the souls sealed away for countless years in Ancient Azure Mystic.