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This is something that existed many many years ago. In countless years back then when the immortal realms were united and governed by one person, all the major powers would listen to the ancient emperor who dominated the entire era, with no one daring not to comply with his commands. But the immortal realms were simply too vast, the ancient emperors all sought after an even higher level of cultivation and basically wouldn't have time to govern the immortal realms. In the end, it became the norm for the peak powers of certain areas to govern the weaker ones and there would occasionally be some conflicts. If there was a prior agreement, in order to prevent all-out chaos from erupting, the ancient emperors allowed the ruling that the peak powers of that particular region would have the power to perform the adjudication, granting them the authority to decide the direction things would unfold in.

But at the end, the immortal realms were divided and unified again and again. Finally, as all ancient emperors vanished, the immortal realms were divided and became the current immortal realm you see now. The last ancient emperor era was already something several tens of thousands of years ago, and so was the last adjudication performed. After that, nothing has ever required an adjudication since.


Immortal Powers Region
Skymist Alliance
Skymist Immortal Empire Eastern Region
Violet Emperor Sect Eastern Region
Paragon Sword Sect Eastern Region
Sky Demon Palace Eastern Region
Taihua Immortal Dynasty Eastern Region
Eastern Sage Immortal Sect Eastern Region
White Tiger Race Western Region
Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire Central Region
Evergreen Alliance
Evergreen Immortal Empire Eastern Region
Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect Eastern Region
Matriarch Ji's Sect Eastern Region
Southern Phoenix Clan Southern Region
God Hand Mountain Manor Southern Region
Battle Saint Tribe None
Heavenly Talisman Realm None


In the past era, the ancient emperors implemented this because of fairness. But now in the current era, there no longer are ancient emperor characters. The Skymist Immortal Empire is gathering all the major powers in this area because it wanted to overwhelm the Evergreen Immortal Empire by force and pressure. In fact, these other powers shouldn't even be in the picture, this is clearly disrespect to the Evergreen Immortal Empire.

The Skymist Immortal Empire wanted to take matters in their own hands and called for an adjudication. If this succeeds, the princesses of the Evergreen Immortal Empire would be taken away and from now on, the Evergreen Immortal Empire would become nothing but a joke in the eyes of everyone.

Those with the right to take part in the adjudication are all peak powers of that particular region. Since we are located in the East, all peak powers of the Eastern Region would have a say in this. If more than 50% agreed to it, the Evergreen Immortal Empire would have no choice but to follow through. If the Evergreen Immortal Empire refused to accept the result, they can proceed with an adjudication battle. Those who agree will battle against those who disagree. The two sides can decide if they want it to be a battle at the immortal-foundation level, the immortal king level, or even the immortal emperor level. For example, if Matriarch Ji and the Evergreen Immortal Emperor reject that, while the Violet Emperor, Skymist Immortal Emperor, and Paragon Sword Emperor accepted, both Matriarch Ji and the Evergreen Immortal Emperor have the right to proceed with the adjudication battle. If they win, the agreement would be nulled and voided. But if they lost, they would have to pay double of what the initial agreement is asking for.

If the Evergreen Immortal Empire lost the adjudication battle and still refused to honor the agreement, this is equal to them issuing war against all the other peak powers. Naturally, the Evergreen Immortal Empire could skip the step of the adjudication battle and just announce war directly. But usually, nobody on either side would be willing for there to be a war. Even for the Skymist Immortal Empire, the commotion and chaos caused by a war would be too great. They might be stronger than the Evergreen Immortal Empire but they wouldn't have the confidence to say for sure they can annihilate the Evergreen Immortal Empire completely. The Evegreen Immortal Emperor chose the adjudication's battle.


  • Participants : Immortal-Foundation Realm
  • Life and Death Battle
  • Location : Myriad Devil Islands
  • Each side would send a hundred experts to participate, setting 10 years as the limit.
  • All sort of methods are allowed, and after ten years, the side who would have the most survivors would be the victor.[1]


The Evergreen Alliance won.[2]

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