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He was one of the three leading supreme geniuses of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire, Huang Youdi. And as his name stated, being able to match with anyone under the heavens.

Although Huang Youdi's cultivation wasn't high, in reality, he was at the fourth-level when he entered the academy but now, he was already at the sixth level. Such talent was naturally extraordinary and in reality, his cultivation speed was the fastest among the three great leaders among the immortal-foundation level of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire.

Right now, Huang Wudi has already stepped into the ninth level of immortal-foundation but everyone knew that in the future, Huang Youdi's accomplishments would surely exceed Huang Wudi.

There are the silhouettes of six human emperors around him. Each of the human emperors contains a different attribute energy. Huang Youdi is a true genius and has been studying the Nine Great Emperors Classic since he was young, managing to manifest six human emperors' silhouettes. Other than his elder brother, there is no one else among the immortal-foundation level in the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire, able to compare with him. His talent is so high that it surpassed Huang Wudi.


It's rumored that half a year ago, Huang Youdi's elder brother, a prince of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire has once encountered Huang Wudi and the others of his empire in the Sky Connecting Realm and said to them that Qing`er was pretty good.

From then on, the experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire announced to everyone that the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Princess Qing`er, was a woman which that prince of the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire was fond of. Nobody could profane her beauty.


  • Huang Youdi, whose name meant that he was able to match against all under the heavens. 
  • He have a fifth-tier emperor-grade immortal foundation.