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He radiated resplendent light as a supreme emperor might permeated the area around him. He stood there in the air, exuding a feeling of being unexcelled in the world, wanting the entire world to prostrate before him, submitting to him as his subjects.


An expert from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire, Huang Wudi. He's at the peak of the eighth-level and has a fifth-tier emperor-grade immortal foundation.In fact, he was from the royal clan of the immortal empire, also known as the Invincible Prince, Prince Huang Wudi. He cultivates the Emperor Canon and is unrivalled in power.


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 8th 1128
Immortal Foundation 9th 1158


  • Emperor Canon


  • 皇无敌 -> Huang皇 is a surname that stands for emperor. Wudi无敌→ can be translated as invincible. 皇无敌 - Invincible Emperor
  • His father gave him the name Huang Wudi because he wanted his son to be an invincible character with no one being able to rival him.