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A supreme character with perfect potential, able to achieve great heights when cultivating his empire's Nine Emperors Classic.

The origin of his six astral souls are from the: 5th, 5th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 7th heavenly layer. His immortal foundation is a fifth-tier emperor-grade one, just a hair away from being perfect. Later, at the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, he cultivated at the Stonebell Rempart and managed to follow through all 81 steps, coming to the front of the Stonebell Rampart. The entire academy resonated from that, his cultivation base enjoyed a breakthrough and his immortal foundation was refined into perfection.


Cultivation Realm Stage / Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 9th 1119
Immortal King Initial 1407
Immortal King Middle 1510
Immortal Emperor Middle 1680


  • Domain : World of Void


  • 皇杀天 Huang Shatian →杀天 (Shatian) can be translated to killing the heavens