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A youth with an extraordinary aura of about 20 years of age


This is the guy who Old Man Mo invited to Mo Clan as he wanted to deepen his relationship with him.

Hua Xiaoyun lusted after Mo Qingcheng after he saw her for the first time. He wanted to create more chances with Mo Qingcheng as such he unintentionally introduced Mo Qingcheng to Luo He daughter of Pill Emperor.

He lusted after Mo Qingcheng so much that he used a QI draining powder to make her weak and take advantage of her. But Mo Qingcheng to not be defiled planted a dagger in her own heart and tried to end her life.[1] Qin Wentian got so mad that he attacked Hua Xiaoyun who was higher level then Qin Wentian as Qin Wentian broke Hua Xiaoyun arm and sent him running to his own clan members in dark forest. [2]

He was saved by his elder brother, Hua Taixu.

Latter on in the Moon Continent, Hua Xiaoyun had his privileges taken away and was demoted. Hua Xiaoyun hired assassins to kill Qin Wentian but his assassins were also killed and Hua Xiaoyun was also killed by Qin Wentian before he set off for a different continent.


Cultivation Progress Lv. Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 4th 209
Yuanfu Realm 5th 296
  1. Chapter 223
  2. Chapter 226