In truth, I don’t hate you as much as people think I do. There’s no need to doubt how outstanding you are. The first time I met you was back then when we were both still in Chu. At that time, I didn’t even think about killing you because simply, you weren’t qualified to be my enemy. Even after you killed Xiaoyun, you still weren’t qualified to be. Things didn’t change until the moment when you ranked first in Heavenly Fate Rankings. There’s no wrong in you killing Xiaoyun. Based on what he had attempted to do to Mo Qingcheng, it’s perfectly justifiable that you wanted his death. However, no matter what, he is still my younger brother. No matter how much of a bastard he is, I will still take revenge for him. Even though I admire you, if there’s a chance for me to kill you, I wouldn’t show any mercy. If we met on the outside, you must definitely have the determination to kill me because if you do not, I would think of ideas to take your life. There’s only one point I want to make things clear with you. I don’t wish for the grudge between us both to implicate others such as our close friends and family. Let this be considered as me leaving a path of survival for the Hua Clan. After all, facing against an opponent such as you, if I failed to kill you, it would undoubtedly be a disaster for my Hua Clan. And I will promise you this; even if I kill you, I will never touch those close to you.
— Hua Taixu to Qin Wentian in the Immortal Martial Realm
Initially, I cultivated the emotionless dao of samsara. However, despite me extinguishing my emotions for an entire lifetime, I still don't know what's the ultimate goal for my cultivation. After giving up everything and entering reincarnation once more, only then did I learn that being emotionless is just a middle point to verify how important having emotions is during my cultivation in my second lifetime. No emotions, no love, no desires, no needs. Would I still be a human? That would be nothing but a zombie, a puppet of the heavenly dao.
— Hua Taixu's about his dao
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