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  • Independent Realm Opened Up by Heavenly Talisman Realmlord
  • Hidden Realm where the Heavenly Talisman Sect resides.
  • Opening chant for entry access
  • You must never bring with you non-members when you enter this realm, and you must make sure there's absolutely no one around in your surroundings when you open the dimensional door.
  • Also, never ever mention the Heavenly Talisman Realm in any of your conversations to non members, we place a very high emphasis on secrecy.
  • If you breach any of those rules, and if you are found out, the Heavenly Talisman Realm will expel you and wipe your memories or even kill you."

Realmlord of the Heavenly Talisman Realm

  • The nine dragons spiraled in the air coiling around, soaring into the skies, all of them propping up a terrifying 10,000 foot tall statue behind their backs. Ordinary people wouldn't even be able to see what's at the very top of it.
  • These nine dragons were true dragons and emanated a feeling of extreme tyranny and were vivid and lifelike as though they possessed the fluctuations of life. Just a single glance at them was sufficient to cause people to be stunned.
  • This statue was 10,000 feet tall and just a single palm was incomparably huge. On top of his right hand, there was actually an incomparably vast palace


The only two requirements the sect would have of members is that they have to keep everything that has to do with this sect an absolute secret. They cannot announce to the public that they belong to this power and this includes their closest kin; secondly, joining the sect means taking on a certain supreme existence as their master. But within the immortal realms, they can no longer take anyone else as their master or join any other powers. For those who break these two requirements, they are all exterminated regardless of the reason. 

Firstly, only those with outstanding talent that could also have a violet-gold astral soul for their fifth astral soul would be considered; Secondly, they must not be affiliated with any other powers in the immortal realms. You have already fulfilled the first condition and also, since you came from a particle world and had no fate with Eastern Sage, you have also fulfilled the second condition. They must also be recommanded by a immortal king. 


Heavenly Talisman Palace

  • Heavenly Talisman Treasured Tome.
  • vast palace on top of the right hand of Realmlord Statue

Heavenly Talisman Hall

Heavenly Talisman Treasure Tome

It's completely different from other cultivation arts and techniques and there were no exact instructions to follow. There was only an introductory passage and the rest had to depend on individual's ability to see how much they can comprehend.

Runes. The trigger for heavenly laws, the source of all energy. It was stated in the tome that runes were the root of energy.

As for why stellar martial cultivators could cultivate, it was naturally because of astral energy. Astral energy was the source of cultivation. However, if there’s only astral energy, they could only use it to strengthen their bodies and souls. But what about their attacks?

Innate techniques, cultivation arts, all sorts of attacking methods, why were all of these invented? Because there was a mysterious kind of force that was able to unleash the astral energy stellar martial cultivators absorbed, transforming into a kind of tyrannical destructive might. There were extremely few people who went to research this mysterious force because they had completely no clues to contemplate and no way to explain it. Their only explanation was that it was a kind of fixed law that was already present in the heaven and earth.

The introductory passage of the treasure tome clearly pointed out the uniqueness of this force and there were ways to research it. As long as astral energy and runes interact, this mysterious force would be triggered and new energy birthed.

The tome stated that both astral energy and runes were the roots of all energy, the very origin source. They branched out into different kinds of laws in the heavens and earth, birthing new types energy that were able to topple mountains and oceans, destroying the sky and ground. The stronger these two origin source energies were, the more terrifying the resulting law energy would be. Hence, this created the difference in cultivation bases and the grades and types of runes/divine inscriptions.