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The Heavenly Stele Platform was situated in the core region of the Azure Continent, but in spite of this, there was usually no one around. The only person there was an old figure that seemed to be perpetually sweeping the Heavenly Stele Steps. It was a marvelous place, yet nobody had ever dared to claim ownership of it, nor had anyone dared to destroy it. There was a rumor that the overlord of the place was a character of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering prowess, hence nobody dared to risk incurring his wrath.

The Heavenly Stele treasure, which the platform was named after, was of immense help to cultivators since it could tell their fate and talent level. Every time the stars descended, the Heavenly Stele Platform would draw countless cultivators over because of the legend associated with it. Barging up the flight of steps to the Heavenly Stele would enable one to change their innate degree of talent. Furthermore, there wasn’t a fixed time nor known law when it came to the moment the stars would descend, it purely depended on the emotions and attitude of the overlord.

The Heavenly Stele originates from ancient times, it can manifest illusions, and allow one’s innate talent to be changed. Regardless, although the Stellar Heavenly Stele may take the lives of those who attempt its test, there’s also the possibility of boosting one’s strength exponentially. Truly, it’s a rare treasure that’s rarely open to the public. The Heavenly Stele Steps don’t take note of one’s combat prowess but rather, one’s talent, one’s determination, one’s conviction.

Heavenly Stele Steps - Ranking

Steps Participants Notes
27 Qin Wentian Completed!
26 Situ Po
26 Yun Mengyi Shortest time in history to climb the steps
19 Fan Le Only a moment
18 Ouyang Kuangsheng
18 Chu Mang
18 Yue Bufan
18 Xuan Yan
18 Zang Lengfeng
18 Ouyang Zheng
17 Xuan Xin
17 Duan Qingshan
17 Wang Xiao
9+ Li Shiyu Not mentionned by above nine steps
9 Yue Bingying
8 Liu Xi Blasted before being able to stabilize
6 Qiao Xuan
2 Ouyang Ting Blasted the next instant she step in the second step.