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The Heavenly Fate Ranking was a Ranking Record created by the Venerate Heavens Sect of the Ginkou Continent. This Ranking, was one of the most ‘heavyweight’ rankings ever to exist, and the names contained within, represented the supreme experts at the Yuanfu level in the entire Grand Xia Empire.

Throughout these countless years, all the terrifying existences in the Grand Xia Empire that could hail the wind and summon the rains, could be found by looking through the Ranking Records of the Venerate Heavens Sect. The Heavenly Fate Ranking was the Ranking Record a tier below the Heavenly Dipper Ranking. The names of 360 cultivators at the Yuanfu Realm were recorded within. Also, this Ranking Record would be updated once every year.

However, one should not look down on those recorded within the Heavenly Fate Ranking, just because it contained 360 names. One has to understand how vast the Grand Xia Empire was. Over there, forget about ordinary Yuanfu Cultivators, even experts at the peak of Yuanfu were as common as clouds. It wasn’t so easy if one wanted to enter into the Heavenly Fate Ranking. Basically, only those at the peak level of Yuanfu would have a chance to enter unless, of course, you have extraordinary combat prowess and could jump levels to defeat those peak level Yuanfu opponents.

The top ten cultivators recorded in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, were all dazzling existences whose names shook the Grand Xia Empire. Their future potential was unlimited. Even though some of them could be considered quite old when compared to the rest, it didn’t matter. As long as one was able to enter the top ten, it meant that their comprehension of their Mandates had all reached a terrifying level and possessed incredible prowess in combat. So, although the cultivation of these ‘older’ group of cultivators could be considered slow, they would all still be able to become supreme powerhouses if given enough time. One could easily imagine the difficulty in ranking first in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. The amount of radiance and glory that came along with it went without saying. No one in the Grand Xia Empire would not know of your existence. 


This batch of contenders who wanted to participate in the ranking battle, who wanted to wrest away the luck and destiny, numbered over ten thousand. They were the same as countless other cultivators in the past. The majority of these ten thousand cultivators all had a cultivation base at the ninth level of Yuanfu. Without having substantial power, they would never be confident enough to participate in the ranking battle.

Although ten thousand may sound like a huge number, in the perspective of Grand Xia, ten thousand people was just like a grain of sand in the endless desert. Not only that, many among these ten thousand would be eliminated. They would first need to prove that they had the qualifications to step upon the sacred pathway.


Test 1 : Trials of the Battle Drums

The drum was the first barrier, designed to eliminate their numbers. It was of immense difficulty to make the nine-sided gigantic drum echo out even once.

Rules: if one couldn’t get the drum to echo nine times, they didn’t have the qualifications to step into the Ancient Kingdom. Not only that, the contenders were allowed to channel their attacks unceasingly onto the drum. Yet if the echoes were cut off halfway, it was useless even if they continued on.

Participants Number of

Drum Echo

Qin Wentian 21[1]
Shi Potian 20
Chen Wang 20
Zhan Chen 20
Di Feng 19
Yun Mengyi 18
Wang Jue 18
Ouyang Zheng 17
Bai Qing 17
Xuan Yan 17
Duan Qingshan 16
Chu Mang 16
Bailu Jing 16
Yang Fan 16
Zhao Lie 16
Hua Feng 15
Fan Le 15
Ouyang Kuangsheng 15
Mu Feng 9
Mo Qingcheng 9

The nine-sided gigantic drum test had eliminated more than half of the original ten thousand participants.

Test 2 : River of Life and Death

The River of Life and Death was truly a life and death experience; those who passed it would live, and for those who failed—only death awaited them. From ages past till the current era, it was unknown how many heroes of Grand Xia had fallen into the River of Life and Death.

The width of the River of Life and Death was as wide as the first step—the stage for the gigantic nine-sided drum—easily able to accommodate thousands of people. As for its length, it measured at about ten thousand meters long, a distance that was considered relatively short for Stellar Martial Cultivators. Any one of these geniuses were able to ford the river in a remarkably short period of time. However, it wasn’t going to be so easy with a few thousand people fording the river while fighting against each other at the same time. But, more than the opponents they would face, the river water was the most perilous part of the test—contained within it was a will of corrosion. Without a doubt, all Yuanfu-level cultivators would die if they fell into it.

Rules : Before the candle flame burns out you are to arrive at the end of the river. Failure means death. This candle was short and thin, indicating a time limit of a mere hundred breaths for the contenders to pass this test.

Notable Fights:

Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Method Winner
Duan Qingshan Qin Wentian Killed Qin Wentian

Test 3 : Battle Robes

This was where Ancient Grand Xia drilled its troops. Step up on the battle platforms, and an illusory opponent similar to your current strength level will appear. For those who can’t even get past the yellow-colored battle-robed warriors, they will immediately be eliminated.

Participants Robe Color
Qin Wentian Platinum[2]
Chen Wang Violet-Gold
Shi Potian Violet-Gold
Si Qiong Violet-Gold
Yan Cheng Violet
Leng Hong Violet
Qin Zheng Violet
Yao Jun Violet
Hua Shaoqing Violet
Bai Qing Indigo
Wang Jue Indigo
Di Feng Indigo
Zhan Chen Yellow
Mo Qingcheng Yellow

The elimination rate was extremely high. There was only less than a thousand contenders left behind. For those that remained, the lowest ranked of all the yellow battle robes all had at least a single Mandate at the Perfection Boundary, with the majority of them having a cultivation base at the ninth level of Yuanfu.

Test 4 : Plunder Grand Xia's ancient luck

The Vermilion Bird Formation was immense in scale and had existed since the time of Ancient Grand Xia. Even after the nine grand clans rebelled, they still had no way to possess this formation for their sole use. They had no way to neutralize it, and so the ancient grand luck that accumulated within it could only be obtained by people of the Yuanfu Realm. Hence, among the eighteen trial grounds in Grand Xia, the Vermilion Bird Formation was the highest grade of difficulty that could be opened up to those in Yuanfu.

Even today, after a few thousand years, the transcendent powers had never given up their plan to excavate the Vermilion Bird Formation. For each ranking battle that occurred every three years, they would send the strongest Yuanfu cultivator they had to enter the Vermilion Bird Formation, hoping for them to find traces of its secrets. And throughout these thousands of years after Ancient Grand Xia was destroyed, there had been more than a few powerhouses obtaining significant benefits from it. It was rumored that the Azure Emperor himself received an insanely powerful cultivation art, but no one knew what exactly was it.

This test would rank those qualified to be on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, a total of 360 positions. The next test was an extremely crucial turning point for all contenders—it was the test to plunder Grand Xia’s ancient luck.

Rules : The luck of Ancient Grand Xia lies behind that gate, all of you will be given the chance to wrest the luck for yourself and away from others. Only when a total of 360 contenders acquired the ancient luck would this test be concluded.

Notable Fights:

Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Type Winner Notes
Unnamed Man Li Shiyu Defeated Unnamed Man
Unnamed Man Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Chen Wang Qin Zheng Interrupted Chen Wang went after Qin Wentian after seeing him.
Chen Wang Qin Wentian Fled Qin Wentian hide in a cave and use divine inscriptions to injure him.
Xuan Yan Yao Jun Interrupted Chu Mang came rescue Xuan Yan.
Chu Mang Yao Jun Draw Yao Jun couldn't take down Chu Mang so he give up the fight and went away.
Chen Wang Chu Mang Interrupted Xuan Yan devored Chu Mang's luck to let him escape from Chen Wang.
Qin Wentian



Qin Wentian Qin Wentian chose to kill Hua Feng, Situ Po and Yang Fan but he spared Yao Jun.
Qin Wentian Longin Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Wentian Nyelin Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Zheng Wang Jue Defeated Qin Zheng
Mu Feng Wang Jue Defeated Mu Feng
Fan Le Wang Jue Defeated Wang Jue

Hidden Legacies

Destiny has changed. Instead of the usual 360, only a total of thirty-six remaining. So for the next three years, there will only be thirty-six positions on the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

Test 5 : Vermilion Bird Arena Platform - Direct Combat

Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Type Winner
Xiao Du Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Peng Zhan Ouyang Kuangsheng Defeated Ouyang Kuangsheng
Yao Jun Bai Qing Killed Bai Qing
Ouyang Kuangsheng Leng Hong Defeated Ouyang Kuangsheng
Ouyang Kuangsheng Li Yu Defeated Li Yu
Bai Qing Mo Qingcheng Defeated Bai Qing
Yan Cheng Hua Shaoqing Defeated Hua Shaoqing
Hua Shaoqing Wang Jue Defeated Wang Jue
Wang Jue Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Shi Potian Qin Zheng Defeated Shi Potian
Si Qiong Mu Feng Defeated Si Qiong
Zhan Chen Yun Mengyi Defeated Zhan Chen
Di Feng Bai Qing Defeated Bai Qing
Qin Wentian Mo Qingcheng Surrender Qin Wentian
Qin Zheng Zhan Chen Defeated Zhan Chen
Di Feng Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Zheng Di Feng Defeated Qin Zheng
Chen Wang Zhan Chen Defeated Chen Wang
Si Qiong Bai Qing Defeated Si Qiong
Shi Potian Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Chen Wang Shi Potian Defeated Chen Wang
Si Qiong Zhan Chen Defeated Si Qiong
Qin Wentian Bai Qing Defeated Qin Wentian
Shi Potian Zhan Chen Defeated Zhan Chen
Chen Wang Si Qiong Defeated Chen Wang
Zhan Chen Qin Wentian Killed Qin Wentian
Si Qiong Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Chen Wang Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian


Previous Edition (Hua Taixu's edition)

Ranker Affiliation
01 Hua Taixu Hua Clan
02 Chen Wang Great Solar Chen Clan
03 Shi Potian Shi Clan
04 Jing Wu Venerate Heavens Sect
05 Di Feng Di Clan
06 Wang Jue Wang Clan
07 Mu Feng N/A
08 Yan Cheng Swallow Swordsmen
09 Li Yu Thousand-Jue Alliance
10 Ouyang Zheng Ouyang Aristocrat Clan
11 Zhan Chen Pill Emperor Hall
12 Zang Lengfeng Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect
13 Yao Jun Sky Demon Sect
14 Peng Zhan Beast King Hall
17 Xuan Yan Mystic Maiden Palace
18 Yang Fan Star-Seizing Manor
20 Longin N/A
25 Duan Qingshan Ouyang Aristocrat Clan
28 Zhao Lie Sky-Ember Sect
56 Bailu Jing White Deer Institute
60 Hua Feng Hua Clan

Current Edition (Qin Wentian's edition)

Ranker Affiliation
01[3] Qin Wentian N/A
02 Chen Wang Great Solar Chen Clan
03 Si Qiong Si Clan
04 Shi Potian Shi Clan
05 Bai Qing Mystic Moon Sect
06 Qin Zheng Unmatched Realm
07 Di Feng Di Clan
08 Mo Qingcheng Pill Emperor Hall
09 Yun Mengyi Unmatched Realm
10 Mu Feng N/A
11 Wang Jue Wang Clan
12 Hua Shaoqing Hua Clan
13 Yan Cheng Swallow Swordsmen
14 Li Yu Thousand-Jue Alliance
15 Ouyang Kuangsheng Ouyang Aristocrat Clan
16 Leng Hong N/A
17 Peng Zhan Beast King Hall
18 Xuan Yan Mystic Maiden Palace
34 Xiao Du Nine Mystical Palace

Notes : Participants who died (Zhan Chen, Yao Jun) have been retired out of the ranking and the others positions reshifted.

Others Editions

Ranker Affiliation Notes
01 Jun Yu Pill Emperor Hall 30Y before Qin Wentian's edition
01 Shi Hao Shi Clan 3Y after Qin Wentian's edition
  1. Chapter 356
  2. Chapter 360
  3. Chapter 391