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The Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy was a super power in the Mystic Region and they have branches all over the world. 


One must know that in the legends, it's said that the ancient Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy would only appear during eras where ancient emperors would be born. Once the Sacred Academy appeared, it meant that sooner or later, one such figure would appear and dominate the entire era, uniting the immortal realms.

That place is a sacred ground for cultivation. The Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy existed in a separate dimension, a world formed by laws of surrealism. There were many different kinds of sacred cultivation locations in the academies. For example, fighting in the Sky Connecting Realm allows one to experience the true terror of death. There were also many secret realms for people to explore, and even dao lectures are provided. In the entire immortal realms, there most probably wasn't another peak-level power that could provide such good conditions for cultivation.


Immortal King

  • Only those immortal kings that reached this level within 10,000 years of cultivation time starting from the time they reached immortal foundation.

Immortal Foundation

  • For those above 10,000 years of age and has no violet-gold astral souls, or for those who didn't establish a king-grade immortal-foundation, directly eliminated.
  • Quota : 20,000 places (including demonic beasts).
  • First batch: immortal-foundation individuals has to have at least two violet-gold astral souls. For demonic beasts, they to be able to connect with constellations at the 7th heavenly-layer and also possess a pure bloodline. Other than that, for those at the first five levels of immortal foundation, it's fine if the immortal foundation you established is at the fourth-tier, king-grade. But for those who are at the sixth-level of immortal-foundation or higher, your immortal foundation must be at the fifth-tier, emperor-grade.
  • Even if one missed the time of the entry, as long as the quota wasn't filled, they would still have a chance to enter and take the trial on the immortal sea as long as their potential was high enough.

Immortal Sea

An incomparably vast and boundless ocean that emitted an unusual aura.This sea, seemed limitless in terms of size, it had no boundaries at all. Despite them being immortals, their eyes weren't powerful enough to see the other end of this sea. The sounds of waves crashing permeated the atmosphere. The sea before their eyes shimmered with astral light as the illusory figure from before appeared standing in the air as he stared at everyone else

The name of this sea is the immortal sea. It is also known by its other name - the Dao Sea. You guys came to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy to seek the dao, but first in order to do so, you have to traverse through the immortal sea. If you cannot do so, you will be stranded on the sea forever. This sea has no boundaries, if you wish to cross it...there are a myriad of ways to do so. Everyone, wait a little while for everyone to arrive before you all attempt the crossing together.

To truly enter the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, they still needed to cross this sea. Right now, they couldn't consider to have stepped into the academy yet. This sea was yet another test to determine their potential. The immortal sea has no boundaries, there are a myriad of ways to cross it. Each of you will have a boat, do not attempt to travel together as the route will differ according to the individual. If you all pass this test, you would all appear in different locations of the sacred academy

For the first 20,000 to pass, those people will be considered to have truly become a member of the sacred academy. The others who didn't make it in time will be sent out of here. If there's not 20,000 people who passed within a hundred years, everyone else still on the sea would be sent out as well.

The 'other shore' of this immortal sea wasn't something that could be breached by distance and space. One must be able to walk an immortal path that belonged to their dao. The road to seek the dao is long and winding, one can only search slowly, experiencing it with their heart. The road of others belonged to them, only when a road belonged to oneself, would one be able to cross this sea to reach the other shore, entering the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

The immortal sea wasn't a sea, it was the Dao! The immortal sea is boundless because… there never has been an immortal sea in the first place.

Paths of Dao :

Sky Connecting Realm

This altar was extremely large and was enveloped in a strange energy. On top of this gigantic altar, there were over thousands of smaller altars on it. Right now on many of those altars, many people could be seen sitting cross-legged on them, with their eyes closed, seemingly in meditation. After stepping on the altar, your body will remain here but your spirit will be brought to another dimension.

This place is extremely vast. It'sa secret realm here that could bring one into another dimension. There are many people within that dimension. That secret realm should be a shared space for all four academies. Death in the Sky Connecting Realm isn't true death. This Sky Connecting Realm was a mini-world formed from some law energy of the Great Dao. However, although it wasn't a true death, the experience of dying was naturally an extremely vivid one. There are exits here but one must look for them specifically. However, usually people only exit from this CCafter they are killed.

There are places suited for cultivation, places where demon spirits exist, and there are even rumors of great treasures being obtained by people in here before.

Sky Connecting Immortal Rock

That immortal rock itself was a gate that led to the void, being the entrance of the second level of the Sky Connecting Realm. You need to be ranked in the Supreme Might Rankings to enter.

Supreme Might Rankings

It should be the battle achievements for experts who entered this space, and it is ranked according to their strength. From my observations, as well as some rumors about this realm, the more glorious one's battle achievements are, the higher they would be ranked. Naturally, the Sky Connecting Realm wouldn't automatically judge what your cultivation level is, hence it should be quite useful if you jump levels to fight opponents. The second most useful in boosting you up the rankings, should be a fight with opponents on the same level. And lastly, the boost to your achievements should be considered the lowest if you fight against someone at a lower level. In any case, the rules for the rankings have yet to be published clearly. But no matter what, if you have a good ranking, there's a chance the sacred academy might give out some rewards.

Dao Lecture of the Sacred Academy

There was a vast piece of flat land with 3,000 open seats used for dao-seeking. Each of the immortal seats gleamed with light and had runic patterns on them, exuding a mysterious air. In fact, these 3,000 seats resembled praying mats. The positioning of the 3,000 immortal seats seemed a little weird. At the first row, there was only one seat; two seats at the second row; three seats at the third row and so on and so forth until the number 3,000 was reached. The latter number rows had the most number of seats.

Right in the front of the 3,000 seats, a palace could be seen. There was a long hallway, and a gigantic statue as vivid as life could be seen sitting cross-legged with its eyes closed. This statue was so life-like that it seemed to be alive, and yet also a statue.But since the sacred academy is open and there would be someone expounding on the great dao, this figure should be real by right.

  • The expounding of the Great Dao by the sacred academy. There are only 3,000 seats available. Despite the number of supreme geniuses present, only the top 3,000 would be able to gain an immortal seat.
  • Three thousand immortal seats, who can take the lead seat? That lead seat isn't so easy to for one to sit upon.
  • For the 3,000 seats, after a seat is acquired, no one else is permitted to seize the seats away from the first person to get it.
Row 1 Row 2 Row 9
None Jia Nantian White Tiger King Qin Wentian
Demonic Lion Demonic Dragon
Fiery-eyed Berserk Ape
  • This time, the sacred academy is opened as this is the first twelve years cycle to have passed. After this, every twelve years from now, there would be a lecture expounding on the Great Dao : Dao Lecture in the Starry Sky
  • When they close thei eyes to comprehend the doa, when they awaken, their seats are shited depending on the timing they wake up. The last to awaken will be in the first row.
Row 1 Row 2
Qin Wentian Jia Nantian
Demonic Lion
  • Right now, over three years have passed. When the time period of twelve years come by again, the sacred academy would once again be open for another lecture. At that time, all of you naturally would be summoned. You all can leave now

Stonebell Rampart

In each of the four sacred academies, every academy would have a unique place for cultivation. For this particular academy, the sacred land was none other than the Stonebell Rampart.

If you follow those footstepsin the interior regions of the Stonebell Rampart, the Stonebell Rampart would unleash a terrifying might that produces a resonance with your body, tempering your bones and bloodline, even refining your immortal-foundation by calling upon the power of the Great Dao. This is a sacred cultivation ground of this academy and there would be several geniuses cultivating here everyday. The longest someone has cultivated for was for twelve years straight in a row. He eventually broke through and gained enhancement in his combat prowess. There are a total of 81 footsteps, the multiplication of the ultimate number, nine upon nine.

There were several paths leading into there. Each of those paths all contained 81 footprints and there were already quite a few who had traced over half of the footprints. Every step they took would cause the Stonebell Rampart to emit a brilliant immortal light, making the bell chime. This sacred ground is actually able to cause one's immortal foundation to reach perfection, refining it to the saint grade. 

  • Once within the past thirty years, there was a supreme character who cultivated here and managed to follow through all 81 steps, coming to the front of the Stonebell Rampart. The entire academy resonated from that, his cultivation base enjoyed a breakthrough and his immortal foundation was refined into perfection. (Huang Shatian)
  • There was once a genius with terrifying talent that continuously stepped over 60 steps, basking in glory for a period of time. Many people even thought that that man would have a chance to reach 72 steps or more but ultimately, he was jolted to death from the pressure.
  • Qin Wentian managed to take 50+ steps using a single breath, he was at the 76th step in less than an hour and managed to climb the 81 steps in a single attempt in the span of a single day. He completed all 81 steps just to tell the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor that he longed for her! The hearts of everyone sighed. How magnificent was this, much more impressive than those who embarked on the trial of the rampart simply to gain power. For the sake of saying a single sentence, he stepped into the stonebell rampart, heedless of the danger. In the entire sacred academy, it was almost impossible to find a second person like that.
"Qing`er, I missed you!"[1]
— Qin Wentian's words echoing in the whole academy expressing his longing for Qing`er
  • Qin Wentian climbed the tower a second time. This time he managed to take 72 steps in a single breath. He climbed the 81 steps once more in a very short seconds to annouce his return in the war Southern Phoenix Alliance vs White Tiger Alliance. He even shattered the Stonbell because The Stonebell Rampart wanted to kill him, hence, it was destroyed instead.

Life-and-Death Battle Arena

  • As long as one willingly steps into this battle arena, your fate will be decided by yourselves in there. However, you can only depend on your own strength and not borrow any aid from immortal weapons or treasures.
  • In this life-and-death arena, the only way to exit is to close your eyes and focus your spirit for three breaths worth of time.

Independant Battlefield

  • The request for a life-and-death battle is permitted but since you want such an independent battlefield, the ending is either you kill all of them or you die.
  • For this independent battlefield created by the sacred academy, even if one truly died here, no immortal sense would be activated and appear.


Immortal Foundation students

Immortal King students

Among the immortal kings who entered, there were five who exited as immortal emperors.

Former Students

33 Heavens

The influence of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy spreads around the world. It's rumored that the sacred academy contains the spatial coordinates of the thirty-three immortal realms and could directly teleport there to guide the junior generations in their cultivations. For people who have cultivated in the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy before, they can all be referred to as disciples of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy. In addition, the students of the sacred academy aren't only limited to the other thirty-two immortal realms. The Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms was the most critical location. There are countless people here who had headed to the sacred academy for cultivation before. In fact, there were even many world overlord existences who would go there to seek guidance on their daos.

As for the location, the Heavenly Sacred Academy is located in Daoask City. That place doesn't belong to any power, it is not governed by anything. The Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy itself doesn't seek to gain territories or become a hegemonic power. Its only purpose is to transmit the dao. If not, the sacred academy can be considered a superpower here in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

Headmaster Ye of the academy might be Ye Chen the only disciple of Lin Feng from PMG.


The Evergreen Immortal Emperor summoned the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy for the Immortal Realm's Adjudication. By summoning the Sacred Academy, if the Evergreen Immortal Emperor wasn't approved and didn't gain the recognition of the academy, it's rumored that he would have to pay a terrible terrible price.

Since the Evergreen Immortal Emperor could summon the academy, it probably means that he has cultivated within there once before in the past. Also, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor clearly stated that an ancient emperor-level character would appear in this current era of the immortal realms. If not, the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy would never appear.[3]

Heavenly Dao Library

The Heavenly Dao Library is the largest library in the Mystic Region and has countless treasured dao tomes and ancient recordings of history stored in there. If someone wish to read them all he would need a hundred years of time at the very least. There were simply too many major incidents that happened in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and the other thirty-two immortal realms. Through the accumulation of countless years, this led to the current Heavenly Dao Library. And even now, many people would still compile the major events in the universe and add on to the records.

The Heavenly Dao Library was built in between mountain peaks. It was imposing and majestic and has a total of thirty-three levels. The peak of the library touched the clouds and it also exuded a stately aura. The thirty-three levels here should correspond with the thirty-three immortal realms. Every level should have recordings of the various immortal realms. As for the top-most level, it corresponds to the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and each level is further divided into different areas. The top level was divided into eight great sections, equivalent to the eight regions in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Heaven, Earth, Mystic, Yellow, Universe, Eternal, Chaos and Desolate. Each of the sections in the top level of the library, contained countless books, tomes and ancient recordings.

There were guardians here at the Heavenly Dao Library. Usually, other than cultivating, the only thing they had to do was protect this place and also compiling newly recorded incidents. One must not look down on these library guardians. If you wanted to know who was the most familiar with events in the thirty-three immortal realms, these ancient guardians would definitely rank near the top. In fact, there were even some guardians who held onto their posts for over ten million years and they were still willing to remain here. Their understanding of the history of the thirty-three immortal realms were second to none.

Divine Dao Platform Region

The depths of the sacred academy, this place was a place forbidden for ordinary students to enter. This region was known as the Divine Dao Platform Region. Heavenly deities would occasionally give dao lectures here, only the students of heavenly deities were qualified to enter.

World of Reincarnation

When the entrance to that legendary place is opened to people of the world, the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms will welcome immense transformations.

It's said that it was very difficult to reach the other end of this legendary place. It is also rumored that within the legendary place, there are many supremely terrifying existences sealed within. The history of the legendary place even exceeds the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

Those who enter have to bear their own consequences. The power in that region leading to the legendary place wanted to destroy the dao of those who enter. Everything of those who entered seemed to be stripped clean. Their cultivation, innate techniques and power all completely vanished. And in the next instant, they felt himself entering into another world. Over here, many memories suddenly filled thei mind. The memories told him that they were born here and grew up here in this world. This place, was a world of reincarnation.

Rules : They have to seize all opportunities to mature as fast as possible, eliminating their opponents in the world of reincarnations.

  • The martial path of the world of reincarnation is different when compared to the outside world. There are only three realms here - Houtian Realm, Xiantian Realm and God Realm.
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