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One must know that a World Overlord would only have a single world heart but there are countless kinds of heavenheart mandates. World hearts are the root, heavenheart mandates are the branches and leaves.


Heavenheart Mandate can also be known as heaven's will. It truly represented the fact that those who comprehended a Heavenheart Mandate had surpassed the empyrean realm and the words 'my will is heaven will,' is the epitome of Heavenheart Mandates. Heavenheart Mandate was equal to the will of the heavens, it had already exceeded the boundary of source origins and was a kind of transcendent energy, a brand new energy.

They are considered the world domains of overlords. After becoming a world overlord, you would have a world heart and gain insights into heavenheart mandates. World hearts and heavenheart mandates complement each other. If humans were trees, world hearts would be their roots and heavenheart mandates would be their branches and leaves. A world heart is one's heart domain, while heavenheart mandates were insights into laws that could be directly applied in your attacks. For example, if your laws have something to do with illusions, you can cause your surroundings to become a world belonging to you alone with just a single thought. This domain draws its energy from the power of your heart, you could create a world of illusion, and everyone inside there would live in that illusion, forever not knowing the truth. Unless, they have the same cultivation level as you do and can sense the heart of your world domain.

In addition, there's no difference in priority for world hearts and heavenheart mandates, it's the same no matter which comes first. To the vast majority of overlords, their understanding is the same as what you said earlier. They would first fuse their source origins into a new type of energy, gaining insights into their heavenheart mandates before their world heart is born. But there are also unique existences whose understanding of laws sprang from their heart. They would first ascertain what kind of energy they want to cultivate. After that, they choose to form their world hearts first before gaining insights into the heavenheart mandates they wish to comprehend. For those who choose to form their world hearts first, these existences are extremely rare among world overlords because the requirement for one's comprehension ability must be exceedingly high!

For the fusion of two source origins, there are already a number of heavenheart mandates known. Many people would move step by step according to the experience of the ancients, trodding on paths that have been walked before. Hence, if they chose to do this, their path might be somewhat smoother but they would still fail to grasp the main points. On the other hand, for those who chose to manifest their world hearts first, they are creators that can topple everything the ancients had created. Their heavenheart mandates are unique, comprehended from their imaginations from the time when they were at the empyrean realm. But there's one point to note, for those who choose this path, the heavenheart mandates they comprehend might be unique but it mustn't be too weak or they might as well just follow the first path.

At the world overlord realm, the disparity in strength might be exceedingly great. For example, the source origins people comprehended are all different. The source origins people comprehended are all different. There are who would choose to comprehend many types of heavenheart mandates and they are all people with extreme talent. Any of these people would far surpass world overlords the moment they broke through to the same realm. This led to the average level of strength for existences in the world overlord realm to be extremely unequal. The strength of world overlords has nothing to do with the number of heavenheart mandates you comprehend. For example, you are an expert who has four heavenheart mandates that were comprehended by fusing two of your source origins for each, you might still be weaker than your opponent. As long as your opponent has a single heavenheart mandate that was fused using three kinds of source origins, his control over his single heavenheart mandate would crush you despite you having four different heavenheart mandates, even to the extent of insta-killing you. This is because the the power of his single heavenheart mandate exceeds any of yours.

As long as you dare to imagine it, it would definitely exist, and there are even some people with heaven-defying comprehension who trod on paths of their own, something the ancients had never explored before, as they created even more immensely powerful heavenheart mandates.


  • Skyrip Heavenheart Mandate : formed from the source origins of spatial laws and sword laws. It can directly rip holes in the sky, let alone the bodies of humans!
  • Shattered Void Heavenheart Mandate : In the span of a single thought, all space would shatter.
  • Void Transposition Heavenheart Mandate : moving freely in the void. This Void Transposition heaven mandate was completely untraceable, the perfect tool for an assassin. It would definitely kill someone unprepared at the first hit. If one managed to comprehend this particular heavenheart mandate, he basically wouldn't be afraid even if his opponents had more people than him. As long as he was slightly stronger compared to the rest, even if he had to face against a group of experts alone, he could still kill them one by one unless one of them had a heavenheart mandate that specifically countered Void Transposition.
  • Heaven Burial Heavenheart Mandate : that supreme crushing might could directly bury the world. This kind of heavenheart mandate was tyrannical to the extreme, there was simply no way to counter it. During combat, for world overlords who gained comprehension of this heavenheart mandate, they just needed to wave their hands and countless people would be buried as endless stretches of space would be crushed, annihilating billions of lives. This was the threat of a supreme existence, they could peer down with disdain at mortals beneath them because with just a single thought, they could shift terrains and annihilate the multitude of lives.
  • Sun Blaze Heavenheart Mandate : formed from a fusion of fire and light source origins
  • Radiance Conflagration Heavenheart Mandate :  formed from the source origins of light and sword, and had an addition of his own insights through his cultivation. This heavenheart mandate contains an extremely terrifying penetrating might. Although he didn't add the spatial source origins into the fusion, but given his insights into space, when he activated the Radiance Conflagration Heavenheart Mandate, everything around him would be disintegrated into the void. Created by Qin Wentian.
  • Lifelong Heavenheart Mandate : The Lifelong Realmlord depended on this to manifest his world heart. He hoped that he would have a long life and would be able to be reborn even after his death. Not only does this heavenheart mandate have fearsome attacking prowess, it also had a shocking recovery rate. It was very similar to the source origins of wood, granting the Lifelong Realmlord huge amounts of vitality. User : Lifelong Realmlord.
  • Rot Heavenheart Mandate : Every mote of that green sap contained the power of corrosion and the dark green sap would be able to regenerate itself almost infinitely. User : Lifelong Realmlord.
  • Phantasm Space Heavenheart Mandate : able to conceal his presence completely, fool the enemy and causing him to be unable to locate the user real body. Created by Qin Wentian.