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This place was a legendary secret realm in the Heaven Region of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. This place was the burial place of two heavenly deities - Qin Tiangang and his wife.


Heaven Vault was one of the most famous secret realms in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Even up until now, no one in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms knew what sort of place the Heaven Vault was and what rules governed its opening. There were rumours saying that the Heaven Vault was a link to a world in another universe. There were also rumors saying that the Heaven Vault was a ruin left behind by a godking from the primordial era.

All sorts of rumors flew about wildly, further increasing the mystery of Heaven Vault. However, there was no need to doubt one point - there surely are opportunities inside the Heaven Vault although there are also dangers. Everytime the Heaven Vault opened, there would be people who obtained great fortune and also many who died inside. In fact, even heavenly deities would die inside if they took on too much risk. The most high profile deaths that shook the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms recently were none other than the death of Qin Tiangang and his wife. Both were legendary characters who were extremely powerful heavenly deities but they vanished completely inside Heaven Vault. Qu Mo, the father of Qu Nichang also died in this place. 


The location of the Heaven Vault was fixed in a place called the Boundless Ocean. This sea region was truly boundlessly vast, it was unknown how large an area it spanned. On the other shore of the Boundless Ocean, a majestic city named Boundless City was created long ago and the experts within it were as common as the clouds.

The Boundless Ocean was truly boundless. In the sea region, the waves churned wildly but in the air, a magnificent phenomenon appeared. At the point where the sea was connected to the sky, a heavenly eye appeared. From afar, there seemed to be a crack in the heavenly eye, allowing one to fly further into it. This crack was none other than the entrance to the Heaven Vault.

The sea domain was incomparably vast. The Heaven Vault was at the point where the sea connected to the sky. Although it appeared very near, the distance was in truth, extremely far. Only extremely powerful world overlords and heavenly deities would dare to enter the Heaven Vault. Heaven Vault was a place where even deities would die. Although the possibility of that was very small, one could still tell how dangerous it was. World overlords might barely qualify to enter, but for those weaker than world overlords, they probably would die in there not knowing the reason why they died. There was no need to talk about opportunities with their strength.


Region of the Stone Pillars

The ocean had totally vanished. What awaited them was a stretch of desolation with many ruins in it.  Numerous towering stone pillars lined the pathway in the distance and there were complex runic patterns sketched upon them. They radiated an ancient air and what caused shock in the hearts of people was that on the peak of each stone pillar, a stone statue that seemed like an eternal guardian could be seen. They were fully clad in armor and covered in white dust.

These statues were moving, if one wanted to move ahead, they would have to pass by those stone pillars. There was no other way around it. Although these stone statues were very strong, their strength didn't exceed the boundaries of the world overlord realm and clearly wouldn't be able to block heavenly deities. However, there would be no hope for ordinary world overlords who wanted to pass them.

Region of the Blood Sea

A red-colored sea like a sea of blood. The redness of the sea water was extremely bright. Near the shore, many bone boats could be seen floating there. There were words engraved at a stone monument erected at the shoreline : "Transforming blood into a sea, using bones as the boat." Transforming blood into a sea. Using the blood in one's body, transforming into a sea of blood. Using bones as the boat, the floating boats on the blood sea were all constructed from bones.

In this blood sea, the bone boats were the only means of transportation. The blood-colored sea, the boats made of bones. Each boat could only contain one person. The blood sea contains a power that can corrode everything. Your blood would also become a part of the blood sea.

Entering the blood sea with their bodies might not lead to death. Your flesh will dissapear but your soul remain. The blood sea is able to corrode one's body but it would leave the soul untouched. Up ahead in the blood sea, a black-colored stream of air flowed towards trialers's ethereal soul. It was none other than the substance that corroded the defenses on the blood sea earlier. This black-colored air flow now actually transformed into the shape of a human. His eyes were black, filled with an intense evil like an evil spirit. After that, not only was there a single evil spirit, more strands of the black-colored air flow manifesting and becoming evil spirits before lunging at participants souls together. Everyone would encounter the attacks from these evil spirits. These evil spirits in the blood sea would cause negative emotions of their targets to magnify, causing their wills to collapse. Unknowingly, these evil spirits could cause one to sink into their nightmares, unable to extricate themselves. When you thought you broke free from the illusions and came back to reality, you discovered that the reality was still an illusion.

The many evil spirits in the blood ocean, they can ignite despair, rage, fear, lust, all sorts of negative emotions in the hearts of humans. Are all these not the distracting thoughts that obstruct people states of heart from evolving further?

The path of god ascension, the path of godsfall.

Godsfall. This undoubtedly meant that heavenly deities (gods) also had the possibility to die here. Ssince this ancient pathway also had the name of Godsfall, the danger here was undoubtedly multiple times higher compared to the blood sea. This pathway might be the reason why experts from the past eras failed to properly probe the Heaven Vault completely, causing Heaven Vault to still be so mysterious.

This space was completely and incomparably silent and the atmosphere felt a little weird. Tthe pathway was no longer in the territory of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. The pathway was gradually leading towards the starry skies. "Heaven Vault!, the vault containing the secrets of the heavens."

There seemed to be no end to the path, it directly spanned across the sky. The stars around them grew increasingly resplendent and above, layers of heavenly astral rivers that were boundlessly vast appeared. Each heavenly astral river contained countless constellations within them."The nine heavenly layers."

The nine flowing astral rivers felt to be within inches. Right now, above the heavens. There was no need to use perception to sense the constellations, you could see the different heavenly layers with their own eyes, as well as the countless constellations within them. The constellations appeared very close to them, butt the distance between them and the constellations were still unimaginably far because the starry space was simply too large. The constellations in the nine heavenly layers were of all shapes and sizes. The Heaven Vault was actually a passageway leading to the nine heavenly layers.

This meant that this ancient path was formed from the absolute dao of space, allowing those who traversed it to ignore actual distance. The essence of the dao of space was concentrated on the ancient path, resulting in it becoming a bridge to the nine heavenly layers. The proficiency one must reach in order to use the spatial laws to this extent...

This path was opened for everyone by Lin Feng.

Gods Extinction Path

At the very end of the ancient heaven vault path, there was a stone monument with the words 'Gods Extinction Path' engraved on it. In the distance after the heaven vault path, only the boundless space could be seen, darkness was everywhere as skeletons floated in the air. They have been floating here since an unknown amount of time. Over there, no hints of life could be felt. That place was the path of gods extinction. Gods extinction. Even if heavenly deities entered there, they would still die. It was truly a path of death.

The Gods Extinction Path had countless ancient corpses floating within it. The atmosphere there was extremely heavy. Just from staring at the lonely and boundless dark space ahead, the heavenly deities all could feel a strong sense of danger. There was no astral energy in here. No one could borrow energy from outer sources inside this place. It was a bleak place of complete loneliness and desolation.

The spacetime laws in the dark void were completely scrambled, cannot control it, could only drift along with the current and had no way to choose where he wanted to go. The spacetime laws here didn't seem like a law that had order at all. Even for heavenly deities with incredible wills, they also felt some fear towards this unknown energy. Their fates were out of their control.

Many strange objects will appears. The chaotic atmosphere of the twisting spacetime laws finally disappeared after a period of time and numerous long corridors appear. Some of the corridors intersected, some did not. No one knew where these corridors would lead.

In this place, the people you meet might exist in a different spacetime. Do you understand what I mean? They may be from a certain time back in the past. This place was actually a zone of intermingled timelines...A spacetime from the past! This Gods Extinction Path exists in a zone where time and space are in disorder.


Blood as a sea, bones as a boat. There are all sorts of negative emotions in the blood sea. What iif that blood sea could have been transformed from the blood of a supreme expert. The bone boats were made from his bones. As to those negative emotions of despair, it should caused by the stray thoughts of the supreme expert's heart. They are not illusions, they are all real. The Heaven Vault is an internal world inside the body of a supreme expert, Godking Xi.

There are many terrifying types of destructive energy here. In addition, the time and space here would intersect often, causing people to be trapped here for all eternity. This resembled countless memories inside the mind of someone. Every memory existed in a different timespace and each timespace had their own daos here. The tiny astral-being is like an item transformed from someone's soul, it could control everything here

This man's divine sense could encapsulate the entire nine heavenly layers. He believe that his cultivation base was already approaching the rumored Transcendence Realm, infinitesimally close to that realm where no one in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms had managed to step into before. His ambitions were extremely vast, wanting to occupy the nine heavenly layers for himself. The soul energy he transformed into isn't merely so simple just to cover the constellations in the nine heavenly layers. He wanted to reach a higher point, becoming an existence that surpassed the nine heavenly layers and it seemed that he had almost succeeded. He was just a single step away and still failed ultimately. This was why he allowed his body to transform into the Heaven Vault and wanted to wait for people of the later generations to accomplish the ambitions he had, but couldn't achieve.

Godking Xi also left behind some of his power here to test the future generations. Staying here for a short period of time wouldn't be dangerous, but what about ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years? One would eventually be met with danger. This is also the main reason why the vast majority of experts died after they entered this place. Because, they couldn't exit here and were trapped for an eternity. Eventually, they wandered into a danger zone and died there. But the core of everything here, one will definitely be able to exit. Back then, Qin Yuanfeng managed to leave here that way as well.

Tiny astral-being

The Tiny Astral-Being have been found in this place by Qin Tiangang years ago. He later pass it to Qin Yuanfeng and that ultimately ended in Qin Wentian hands.