He's descendant of this generation in the Gusu Clan and he his named Gusu Tianqi, he has a supreme talent and even an immortal-king physique. In fact, he even has a chance to become an immortal emperor. 


A young man with no aura whatsoever. That young man just casually stood there but his presence was like a crane in a flock of crows. Nobody could obstruct the radiance emitting from him. The demeanor of an innate immortal-king physique was evident to all, forming into an invisible halo of radiance that made him conspicuous no matter where he went. In this life, he was destined to reach the immortal king realm sooner or later because of his physique. There seemed to be a special force field around Gusu Tianqi that made everyone look up to him in admiration.

The lines on his face were extremely clear and the contours were well-defined. He appeared very young and his handsome features were like still water, with no signs of any fluctuations. His forehead was wide like the heavens and the center of his brows were like blades. That pair of deep black eyes flickered with a terrifying luster that could seemingly absorb those who gazed into them.


He will participate in the Eastern Sage Immortal Banquet as the big favourite to win the competition. He was ranked as #1 in the preliminaries of the Eastern Prefecture. But in the end, he will only rank third, just behind Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen. He will accept becoming Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor's disciple.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
6th Celestial Phenomenon 820
9th Celestial Phenomenon 954


  • 姑苏天奇 Gusu Tianqi --> 姑苏Gusu is a surname 天奇Tianqi can mean Heaven’s Miracle
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