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The flowing wind isn’t outstanding, the calm lake severs the moon. Yi shooting the nine heavens – Gu Liufeng (Flowing Wind)
Ji Feixue about Gu Liufeng

Gu Liufeng is one of the Eight Era-Suppressing Geniuses of the Royal Sacred Region.


The white robes of Gu Liufeng fluttered in the wind, his handsome countenance was as calm as still water, with no hints of fluctuations, and he was so good looking that he caused the hearts of several elite females from the major sects to beat faster. Just a single glance was sufficient to tell that this person was extraordinary. He exuded an unmatchable demeanor and was exceedingly handsome. 


Gu Liufeng’s personality seemed to have changed. In the past, he was taciturn and preferred silence, and was a lone ranger. But now win the immortal realms, he suddenly seemed to become a lot more chatty.


Gu Liufeng could be considered a legendary character in the Royal Sacred Region. His arrivals and departures were like the wind. He could appear here today, and a place over ten thousand miles away tomorrow.

Gu Liufeng still hadn’t joined any sect, and was extremely mysterious. The moon-slashing sabre resembled ice, the calm lake severs the moon; the sun-shooting bow was cool, Yi shooting the nine heavens. A single sabre, a single bow, unrivalled within the same generation. His sabre stole away lives while his bow stole away souls.

Some had proclaimed that Gu Liufeng’s sabre was as handsome as he was. The sabre light was so smooth and poignant, while his bow represented himself as a carefree spirit, the twanging of the bowstring resulted in the deaths of his opponents.

As to why people in the Royal Sacred Region always place Liufeng (Flowing Wind) and Feixue (Flying Snow) together was because Gu Liufeng was proficient in the way of the sabre while Ji Feixue was proficient in way of the sword. Hence, they were often compared to each other.

Many elite beautiful females from major sects took their own initiative to pursue him, yet because Gu Liufeng was wholeheartedly concentrating on his martial path and wasn’t interested in any relationships, it gained him the quote, “The flowing wind isn’t lustful (check out translation note in last chapter), the calm lake severs the moon. Yi shooting the nine heavens. Gu Liufeng


Cultivation Realm Chapter
8th Heavenly Dipper Realm 559
4th Celestial Phenomenon 820


He will ranks 2nd in the Immortal Martial Realm and will chose to join them later on. He will befriend Qin Wentian and Hua Taixu during the competition.

Qin Wentian will met once more at the Eastern Sage Immortal Banquet. He was ranked as number 33 from the Qian Prefecture.


  • Shooting-Sun Bow


  • Gu Liufeng (顾流风) – Gu顾 is a surname, Liu流 stands for flowing, Feng风 stands for wind. → Gu Flowing Wind