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Qin Wentian united Grand Xia and became the Emperor [1]

History of Grand Xia

Grand Xia wasn’t initially split into the nine continents, and there weren’t so many transcendent powers. The Ancient Kingdom of Grand Xia conquered everything, and countless experts existed within the vast territory. It was so unfathomably strong that no other enemies could resist it.

It was only later that Grand Xia was splintered into nine, where transcendent powers rose up one after another, and the Ancient Kingdom was then divided.As for the Ancient Kingdom today, it was no longer the same as what it had been previously. Many years ago when Grand Xia was divided in power, it had already spelt the Ancient Kingdom’s doom. As of now, it was rumored that only a single bloodline remained. But as to whether this was true or false, no one knew.

The Ancient Kingdom of Grand Xia was many times stronger compared to the now fragmented Nine Continents of the current era. One could even say that even if all the transcendent powers joined their forces together, they would be unable to match the radiance and might of Ancient Grand Xia. If not, the Ancient Emperor wouldn’t have been able to conquer the world, gaining control of the incomparably vast territory which eventually came to be known as Grand Xia.

Divine beast, Vermilion Bird. The totem beast of Ancient Grand Xia. In ages long past, the citizens of Grand Xia took the Vermilion Bird as a divine spirit and revered it as their totem.

Scale in the Royal Sacred Region

The Royal Sacred Region consists of an inconceivably large amount of land. There was an endless number of sects and countless ancient kingdoms and aristocrat clans. The Hegemon of this boundless land area was none other than the Royal Sacred Sect.

If it was in the past, the two empires would have been three instead. Grand Zhou, Grand Shang and Grand Xia were all empires in this boundlessly large region under the governance of the Royal Sacred Sect. Half of Grand Zhou’s territory lies within this region while the royal capital of Grand Shang was within it as well. As for the fallen Grand Xia, the Royal Sacred Sect no longer care much about it.

The Royal Xia Clan

The Royal Xia Clan is the royal family of the Ancient Kingdom of Grand Xia. Princess Tianyu is known as the last princess the empire known.




Nine Grand Clans

The number of Grand Clans is inconsistent. Earlier in the story, there are said to be nine of them. Later on, it is said that there are seven, with only six still surviving. Further on, it is said that there are nine grand clans, but only seven of them still remain in Grand Xia, with the others being implied to have left.

  • Si Clan was actually the strongest among the nine grand clans in ancient Grand Xia. They had disappeared from history not because they were all eliminated. Rather, they had all migrated to Grand Shang.
  • Hua Clan
  • Great Solar Chen Clan (Exterminated)
  • Wang Clan (Note: This appears to be a duplicate, as the Wang Clan, descended from the Weapon Forger Grand Clan, are already in this list. This means that the list is missing a Grand Clan. Should it be the Mystic Moon Sect, since they possess the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil?)
  • Shi Clan
  • Swallow Swordsmen
  • Pill Refiner Grand Clan (Pill Emperor Hall) (Exterminated)
  • Weapon Forger Grand Clan (Wang Clan) (Exterminated)
  • Venerate Heavens Pavillion (Venerate Heavens Sect)


In the Nine Continents of Grand Xia, the Ginkou Continent, Moon Continent, and the War Continent were situated in the shape of a triangle and were collectively deemed the core region of Grand Xia.

Transcendent Power

Among the transcendent powers, there were nine that were considered to be the strongest.

These nine powers respectively were:

Ginkou Continent:

Moon Continent:

War Continent:

Azure Continent:

Demon Continent:

Yan Continent:

“The Nine Grand Clans of Ancient Grand Xia, dwindled down to seven in the current era. As for those seven, they all hold positions among the nine supreme transcendent powers in Grand Xia.”

Currently, out of the nine supreme transcendent powers, only the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Skydemon Sect hadn’t been founded by the nine traitors.

The Pill Refiner Grand Clan became the Pill Emperor Hall of today, the Weapon Forger Grand Clan became the Wang Clan of the War Continent; the Venerate Heavens Pavilion became the Venerate Heavens Sect, and as for the other Grand Clans that specialised in combat, they became the Chen Clan, Shi Clan and Swallows Swordsmen of Yan respectively.


Heavenly Fate Ranking

Top Experts in Yuanfu Realm

Trial Grounds

among the eighteen trial grounds in Grand Xia, the Vermilion Bird Formation was the highest grade of difficulty that could be opened up to those in Yuanfu.


Sword Reverence City- central region of Grand Xia. ch. 400

three major powers in the city

  • Zong Clan
  • Li Clan -Li Nian, Li Ran ,clan lord of Li Clan, Li Zhentian
  • Heavenly Sword Sect Sect Leader Wuyou,

Royal Tomb of Grand Xia ch. 472

The first ancient manual before the ancient tomb of the Xia Emperor was actually a manual on Divine Inscriptions.

  • Vermilion Bird Formation -peak-tier, fifth-ranked Grand Formation
  • The Great Dream Immortal Art
  • A map of Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace
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